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Point of Origin

There is some repetition in my editorials; this is due to the many new visitors I receive daily. I do not want to misrepresent myself by the way I describe  my dreams. Although some of my dreams have deep conversations, my memory is not to the point of recalling each and every word. It would be easier just to write the general idea of the dialog but that would leave out the emotional reactions and some really great discussions. For the most part the conversations you read are 90-95 % accurate.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012; (Unconscious dreaming)

Dreamed I was drifting in space. Whether in a ship or floating with just my body, I do not recall. I do remember the bright stars of many colors and the blackness of space that could be seen between them. One star in the center of my view got brighter. The surrounding stars did not move, giving my brain the information that I was approaching the object. Even as it filled the sky, I could not make out the shape. If I thought of it as square, then it seemed wrong. If I thought of the object as a circle or ball, that seemed wrong also. One thing I am sure of is that it was silver, bright and large like an amphitheater or coliseum.

As I neared the object I could not see any ports or entry points. I want to say that I do recall some form of lines running horizontally to my view, over its surface but I can not be sure. My course was straight at the object and just as I had tensed up waiting for an impact, I found myself inside a narrow hallway. Somehow I knew that I was inside the object and that I was safe. There was normal gravity and air with no traces of smells.

The hallway was dark but for an intense light that was reflecting a short distance away at the end. I proceeded to the end of the hall. The hallway opened into a large chamber, how large I could not tell due to the darkness beyond the light. I stepped into the chamber and saw the light hovering inches above the floor. The light, an intense red, was about 60-70 feet in diameter and made up of dozens, of thread like beams of light sprouting from a center point. As I walked over to the light I passed a dark haired woman going the opposite way. I said hello to her but she passed as if never noticing me. I turned in the direction she had passed but she was gone; even the hall I had just come through had been replaced by a dull gray wall.

The surrounding walls that made up the chamber, were placed together like an octagon puzzle. The intense light that was the focal point of the chamber did not reflect off the walls.  The redness was that of an LED that had been stretched out some 25-30 feet. The light did nothing to push back the shade-like darkness along the walls.. As if looking at a noon sun on a television, I could stare directly into each thread without squinting. Approaching the light, I saw other people walking around, none seemed to pay me or the light any attention. They all seem to be coming and going in different directions. I did notice openings in the walls as they entered the chamber but but the openings quickly closed in a shrinking fashion until only the solid wall remained.

I came up to the light, stopping within inches of the thread-like beams that made it up. All the threads were evenly spaced and protruded from a single point in the middle. This middle point did not shine any brighter nor thickened with the merger of all the threads but looked to continue down as if looking at the center from many miles away. Perhaps they did not meet at all but only looked as if they did. From the corner of my eyes I saw two people, a man and woman approaching.

Excuse me,” I asked the couple as they went by “can you tell me were I am?” they paid me no mind and continued past. I wondered if they knew I was even there. Perhaps only certain people could see or hear each other so I shouted out;

Can anyone here tell me where I am?”

Almost instantly I heard, “You will have to be more direct.” I looked all about,  for I had no idea where the voice had come from.

Where are you?” I asked.

Here,” it spoke. I turned to look in the direction of the light.


Here,” it repeated but this time one of the threads brightened briefly more than the others.
I stepped up to the end of the thread which was only an inch or two higher then my eyes.
“Are you communicating through this?” I asked.

No, this is who we are.”

A being,” I stated.

Yes, this is our form here.”

In this chamber?” I asked.

Yes, and in this dimension. Here, we are pure energy but take on different forms in each dimension.”

Where are the others?” I asked.

What others?”

You keep saying, “we” but I only see one of you.”

What you see are the sum of us,” the thread communicated.

Each thread of light is an individual.”

Yes, but the correct term would be ‘Ligature’..”

I knew very little of the word except the term meant link or binding if I recalled correctly. A man passed near us and once again paid me nor the Ligature or Ligatures any mind.

Who are the people around us?” I asked.

Energy patterns. Along with dimensions and universes we explore time lines. In certain places we can not transverse time, so chambers like this one, house the energy patterns of the beings we study through their times.”

So why can I see you but they can’t?”

You are here. A product of your own will.”

So you are studying humans here,” I stated.

Something like that. We come here often to keep a connection with our ancestors.”

Ancestors?” I said with a shock. “You were human at one time?”

We still are, but evolved from our physical form as we mentioned.”


Soon after your time.”

My time? What year is this?”

It’s what you call the year 6232. Within your millennium, many humans evolved from your form of human.”

So this is all that’s left of the human race.” I said.

No. Over the millenniums, humans have taken on many forms. A few still resemble the ones of your century.”

Where do you live now if you’re traveling through the multi-verse?” I asked waving my hand to acknowledge the group of lights.”

Here.” The center or point where they all seemed connected lit briefly, as a small twinkle. “This,” it continued, “is our point of origin.”

But where is that?” I asked. “In the past or in another dimension?”

It is not a time or place but is where they started.”

Are we talking this universe or just everything?”

Yes.” It responded then added, “It is time for you to leave.”

But I want to learn more.” I said.

Good,” it spoke. “Go there.”

The single Ligature stretched out in a blink, almost touching one of the many walls that made up the place. I looked at the place it had reached out to. It was if not near the point I had come out into the chamber from. I looked back to the light.

There’s nothing there,” I said.

There is,” it said. “It is your point of origin. Go there.”

I walked over to the section of the wall that the Ligature had reached out to. I stopped just inches from the surface and looked it over. I placed my hand out to touch the surface but instead of contacting the wall I awoke.

As far as the name “Ligature”, I actually could not recall the name they had told me; however, recalling that their name was symbolic to “link” or “binding”, Ligature was my best guess.

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Plane crashes

The following is a post I placed on my facebook page and Twitter the morning of Friday, January 20, 2012;
Dreamed last night that there was a mishap with an airplane. (01/20/2012)

  • Dawn: I’ll stay on the ground then!

    22 hours ago
  • Kristen: Dont say that im taking a plane trip in march..haha

    20 hours ago
  • William Thomas Carroll Jr. Don’t worry Kristen, if anything happens, it’s within 24 hours.

    17 hours ago 

What I am sad to report this morning Saturday, January 21, 2012;

Plane crashes, pilot dies in Rainbow City


(Sunday, January 8, 2012)

If you subscribe to this
site, this may be a second submission due to my own insight.
reason I wait some time before posting a dream is that I need time to
figure it out myself. This morning when I re-read my post, I really
got disgusted with my editorial. I had placed it there as a bit of
humor, perhaps to tone down the nightmarish part of the dream.
However; the quote to me now seems to belittle the true meaning of
the dream, although the quote itself has turned out to be quite an
insight for me also. Having had time to think about it, I do believe
the dream represents abandonment on my behalf, not to the person in
the dream but to a close family member.)

editorial) Always go hiking in pairs because you do not have to
outrun a pursuing bear, only the person with you.

January 7, 2012; (Unconscious dreaming)

I was traveling down a road through what I believe was a desert. In
the car with me were two other men: Cliff, a good friend of mine, who
sat in the passenger seat and a hitchhiker I had picked up who sat in
back. The car I was driving began to act up and soon after the engine
shut down. We coasted until it came close to a stop then pulled off
the road.

noticed immediately that there was another car just a few yards down
the road. It was a blue car with lots of dust covering the body. The
car had pulled head-on into the desert with the rear facing us. The
driver’s door was open and looked to have a pair of legs hanging out.
Whoever was in the car had to have seen, if not heard, us pulling up
but made no effort to move.

we should check on that person to see if he’s okay,” Cliff
suggested. I agreed. The three of us got out and the hitchhiker went
over to the front of my car.

check the car for problems while you two check on the person,” he

and I headed over to the other car. The car was about one hundred
feet or more from us. Between us and the car was a wide pool of water
surrounded by low bushes. Strangely the only openings around the pool
of water were in front of us and next to the car. Since the water was
only ankle-deep, we waded through. Once we had reached the other
side, we walked around to the open driver’s door.

was a man sitting in the seat looking out. He was thin with dark hair
and a pale face that looked as if the blood had been drained from
him. He was going through dry heaves, looking as of he had been
crying for hours. We approached him and were shocked at what we saw.
Over his arms and down his sides, he looked as if something had taken
large bites out of him but the wounds were not bleeding.

looked up at us; but what caught my eye then was the car’s interior.
Even with the bright sun shining down, the inside of his car was
pitch black. I could see nothing but a black void past his seat, like
I was looking though a window out into a starless universe. The
movement of his uninjured left arm got my attention. He picked
something up from his lap and tossed it to us; it landed next to me.
I looked down by my feet where it had landed and saw what looked like
a small white button.

bent down and picked up what the man had tossed; he immediately
jumped from his car and began hobbling away.

sorry,” he said, directing the apology to me.

what?” I asked.

a creature in there.” He pointed back to his car. “You can’t see
it and when it moves it’s only a blur. It feeds off whoever holds
that device.” He pointed to my hand which held the small button-
looking device. He hobbled past us toward the vast desert, getting as
far away from the car as possible. I looked away from the man to
Cliff and then we both looked back to the black emptiness of the
car’s interior. Just then a large gray blur streaked out and took
hold of me. I was suddenly snatched into the driver’s seat of the

move had been so swift, it seemed I had been instantly transported. I
looked at Cliff who had moved back several feet. I then looked to my
right at the passenger seat but all I saw was vast emptiness around
me. In the darkness of what should have been the passenger seat, I
could make out something twisting around. I jumped out of the car but
as soon as both my feet had touched the ground, a gray blur reached
out, snatching me back inside.

jumped out again but the same thing happened. I was pulled back in
but this time I felt a sharp pain shoot through my right thigh. I
yelled out in pain and looked down to see a large bite taken out of
me. I could see the flesh and muscle but no blood, the bite somehow
had cauterized the vessels. I panicked and reached out with my arms,
begging Cliff to come over and help me but he began to move farther

rolled out onto the ground and once again was pulled back into the
driver’s seat. There was another sharp pain, this time in my
shoulder. I saw that a bite had been taken out, nearly to the bone in
my right shoulder. I began to scream, Cliff was frozen with fear,
still standing some six or eight yards away. The hitchhiker stopped
working on our car and came running over.

wrong?” he shouted to Cliff but he did not move or answer. Seeing
the fear in Cliff’s face he looked over at me. I guess he could see
the bites that had been taken out, because of the sickening look that
suddenly arose in his face. He stepped over to me.

happened to you?” he asked. I was terrified and could not speak but
I did notice I still had the small white button-looking device in my
hand. Being so overwhelmed with fear, I could not help myself. I
recalled what the first man in the car had said and tossed the button
over to the hitchhiker. Because of my state of panic I overthrew,
causing the device to go over his head. Unfortunately it sailed over
to Cliff who, without thinking, caught the device.

screamed and tossed it down. I jumped out of the car feeling the pain
rush through the bites that had been taken out of me.

it up!” Cliff screamed while pointing down to the device. “Pick
it up!” he screamed again. I could only stand there watching the
terror in his face. The thought of being anywhere near this place
with the creature nearby sent me running for the road. I passed the
hitchhiker who looked between me and Cliff.

one of you tell me what’s going on?” he yelled.

could not answer as fear had so taken me over that I had even
abandoned my friend. As I passed the hitchhiker, we both looked back
at Cliff who was screaming at us. The gray blur bolted from the car
toward Cliff and in an instant he was gone. I continued to run the
best I could toward the road. Hearing Cliff scream, I glanced back to
see him emerge from the car only to be snatched back in. The
hitchhiker saw this and began to run, soon catching up with me.

What’s going on ?” he yelled
into my ear as if I had not heard him the previous times. I still
could not answer; fear had me fleeing. We heard Cliff screaming for
us to come back and he had come out of the car again only to be
pulled back in. The hitchhiker, seeing this once again, stopped
asking questions and began running far ahead of me down the road.

Tears began to well up inside me for abandoning Cliff but fear had
taken me over and I knew it would keep me going until I dropped from
exhaustion. As I continued down the road, I glanced back every now
and then, still seeing Cliff jumping out of the car only to be pulled
back in. As the pain became too much for me to handle, I a woke.


Depending on my smart-phone for my PC internet and taking an unexpected plunge with
said phone in an icy river, makes for this post a day late.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I was walking along a city side road.
Along the right side of the road were military jeeps lined up. Behind
each jeep was a small open trailer filled with food;each jeep held
two well armed personnel. On the left of the road sat a large three
story house set back from the road about one hundred feet. An old
driveway curving to the right ended at the front of the house which
seemed to be the center of attention. I am uncertain if food was
being delivered to or picked up from the house. I crossed the road
toward the driveway. On the corner of the driveway next to the road
stood a woman in her late twenties. She had a rifle slung onto her
back but she was not military. She had brown straight hair that fell
just pass her shoulders. She wore a tight pair of jeans and an
off-white blouse that looked as though it had not been changed in a
couple of days.

She had not noticed me initially, as
she was downing a small bottle of dark brown liquor and I approached
her from an angle, but soon she caught sight of me. She quickly put
the bottle away and placed her hand on her rifle.

“What do you want?” she
asked. “Are you here to volunteer?”

I looked up at the house and saw
military and civilians loading and unloading the trailers. For some
reason I knew I would be getting hungry soon and if I helped, I would
more than likely be fed.”Sure.” I answered. The girl
pointed toward the house as if I did not know the way. She then
turned the bottle back up to her lips and drained the last bit.
“Aren’t you worried you may get in trouble for drinking while on
guard?” I asked. She took the empty bottle away from her lips.
She turned her head to the left; taking aim, and tossed the bottle in
a ditch some yards away, then turned back to stare at me. She had a
very pretty face but with an expression revealing that she no longer
cared about anything.

“I don’t give a sh*t,” she
stated harshly. Staring at me, she pointed back to the house, this
time in more of an order than a direction. As I walked up the
driveway, I woke.