Month: May 2012


see a truck in your dream suggests that you are overworked. You are
taking on too many tasks and are weighed down by all the

To be bullied in your dream signifies repressed rage.

though my job is pretty much laid back I have been working a lot of
hours each week, seven days a week. This was the reason I had to place
things, including my blog on hold. With things winding down, it feels
good to be able to write and get my dreams back out to my readers. It
seems when you put  in a lot of overtime you miss the time off; then
 when you have the time off, you miss that extra overtime.

Thursday, April 12, 2012
dreamed I had been placed on the night shift here at work. I had a new
white F-150 pick up. I was coming into the parking lot at work and saw
that most of the places were full. Those that were empty had large cars
or trucks on each side that would have made it difficult to park
between, much less to get out.

I especially did not want my new truck
banged up by other car doors. I drove around some more and went to
passed the main gate. I was tempted to tell the guards that I needed the
truck up near my crane for some work we were doing but knew it would be
a lie and if caught I could get in trouble. I passed on by the gate and
noticed to the right of the main gate some construction going on.

had been shutdown for the night, and I thought that perhaps I could
park my truck on the site. There was a small dirt road that had been
laid through the job which I took. After a few yards, I came to pieces
of equipment; a bulldozer and I believe a grade. They had been parked on
each side of the road close enough so that I had to drive very slowly
between them in order not to hit either one.

As I passed them,
construction supplies had been placed along each side of the road, also
making it difficult to pass through. After a few more yards, I came out
in a clearing where the road circled tightly back on itself. I drove
around the circle and saw that there was no where to park. I continued
on going back the way I had just come, between the construction supplies
and the equipment.

as I was coming between the equipment, within a couple of feet of being
free from them, when a large truck came driving toward me. Instead of
stopping or pulling over so that I could get by, the truck drove right
up to my front end where we both had to stop. The truck looked to be  an
F-600 and instead of dull wheels in the rear it had tandems. The truck
blasted its horn, and the driver stuck out her arm from the window and
was waving me back. I stuck my head out due to not having the room to
open the door. I yelled out,

“I’m trying to get out. Could you please back up and let me around?”

driver opened the door and stood up, leaning over the top. It was a
woman in her late twenties with long blond hair and a slim figure.

“I’m in a rush,” she yelled. “”Could you back up and let me through? I’m trying to find a parking place.”

She had the same idea I did, so I called to her, “There are no parking places in there; I just checked.”

“I’ve parked back there before so just, please back up and let me through,” she answered.

“It would be much better for you just to back up a few feet and let me go around,” I said.

don’t have time for this,” she said loudly, “I’m running late, just
back up and let me though.”

“Mam,” I called, trying to be polite, “it
would take me longer to back down this area in the dark then for you
just to back up a couple of feet.”

“Would you please stop being such a male chauvinist and back up!” she yelled.

looked behind me at the tight area and curves I would have to

“Lady,” I called looking back at her, “I am not going to back
up. It was hard enough just to go through here forward.”

woman got in her truck slamming the door. I pulled my head into mine
and put it in gear waiting for her to back up. Her truck jerked as she
tossed it in gear, her engine wound up. The four rear wheels dug into
the dirt spitting it into the air behind her. The moment I realized she
was coming forward her truck plowed into mine. I though only for a
second she had mistakenly placed the truck into drive, but she continued
to gun the truck forward.

Even with my brakes applied I was no match
for her large truck, and she easily pushed me back through the equipment
and construction supplies. My truck struck the equipment on each side,
and I tried my best to steer between everything.

I was having very
little success as I bounced from one side of the equipment and supplies
to the other. With each blow  my truck took I was rocked hard in my
seat. Soon we were in the open, and she continued to push me across the
piece of ground that the road circled around. Once her truck reached the
center spot within the circle she stopped and jumped out.

never bothered looking my way but headed back down the dirt road toward
the main gate. I jumped out and took a good look at my truck. Although
there was not much light there I could see the deep impacts and gashes
made throughout my truck. I took off after her. Catching up to her, I
was furious and began yelling at the top of my lungs.
this point, the language between the both of us became very explicit,
so I have changed most of the words for a general audience

“Are you some kind of nut case?” I yelled, “Look at what you did to my truck.”

“You did that,” she stated ever so calmly, “All you had to do was back up.”

“You had a shorter distance than I did. It was easier for you then me,” I continued to yell.

“You were just being a male bully. You’re supposed to give a lady the right of way.”

“Right of way—- you ever heard of common sense?” I screamed while keeping up.

“You have a bad attitude toward women,” she said. “It’s your fault for not being a gentleman.”

“You are a nutcase.” I said, stopping while she continued on. I pulled out my phone.
“I’m calling the cops,” I told her.

“Go ahead. They will just agree with me,” she called back without looking at me.
I began dialing the police, and in the process woke up.


The following dream stems from
a problem at work. Construction is filled with guide lines because of
the dangerous field. As a crane operator, once the load comes off the
ground, I am 100% responsible for all actions of the move and safe
guarding of the people and equipment around me.

Frequently foremen or others
want you to break or bend a rule to get the job done a little
quicker, but this goes back on the crane operator. In some
situations, a rule may have to be bent if there is no other way to
complete a lift; however, I stand my ground if it is only because
someone wants to make a deadline.

Safety is always my first
priority. This sometimes can cause the foreman to stretch the truth
or right out lie when a job falls behind, placing the blame on the
crane operator to make him/her look good. I do have a bit of a temper
but only to the point of engaging my mouth before I engage my mind.
This was one of those occasions when I had been accused of actions
that were unjustified the day before and was eagerly waiting for my
meeting with superiors to give my side of the story the next day.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I was at a pool party on a
clear and warm day. I was in my bathing suit and had yet to go in the
water. Someone dared me and several others to jump off a diving board
that was the top of three. I climbed up the ladder, and at the top
looked down. Below was a shallow square pool of dark water, the type
that looks like it had been standing in a ditch for weeks.

the water was either a dolphin or a shark, I could never tell. I
mentioned that the pool was too small, and the dive could cause me to
hit the edge or the creature. Someone yelled up and told me to turn
around. When I did, there was the board in front of me. I walked over
to the edge of the board and looked down.

It was a large and deep pool I was
standing over. The drop could have not been more than 20 feet and
would have been an easy dive for me years ago. However, now I felt
nervous and apprehensive. I wanted to make the dive but could not get
up the courage. I climbed back down, expecting people to make fun of
me but noticed that a girl after me refused to make the dive.

I thought it was strange that she
or people before had declined the dive also. While looking up at the
top board from the ground, something caught my eye to the left. A
long thick black cloud was quickly growing in the sky moving to the
left. I pointed up and began yelling,

“Look up, Look up!

Everyone around the pool area
looked up. It was a meteor that had entered the atmosphere and was
burning up. The meteor had gone only a short distance and just began
breaking apart when it exploded. Fragments scattered through the sky
and fell to the earth. I was watching the pieces fall, hoping some
would drop near enough so I could collect one or more. One large
chuck was falling toward us and I followed its path as it approached.

The chunk was oblong but seemed a
bit larger than a large beach ball. The piece seemed to be on a
course very close to us. It came in fast, and I was sure that it was
going to hit near me or on me. I wanted to run, but it was too close
and fast to guess which way to go. I decided to wait at the last
minute and dodge if I had to. Before I could move, the speed of the
meteor fragment caught me in the face waking me.


To see a puddle in your dream
represents feelings that have been downplayed and overlooked.
Although these feelings may appear minor, it is worthwhile to address
them before something erupts unexpectedly.


To see a pool of water in your
dream indicates that you need to acknowledge and understand your
feelings. It is time to dive in and deal with those emotions.

Diving Board

To see or stand on a diving
board in your dream indicates that you need to think things through
carefully and thoroughly before you take the plunge. Consider the
height of the diving board the higher the diving board, the more
significant and more difficult it is to take the next step and make
the plunge.


To see a meteor in your dream
suggests that you will experience success in a project.


To see explosions in your dream
symbolize your repressed anger. The rage that you have been holding
in has come to the surface in a forceful and violent manner. Your
subconscious is trying to get your attention.

To dream that your face becomes
blackened or mutilated by the explosion indicates that you will be
confronted with unjust accusations. As a result, you may suffer from
the consequences.

Needless to say, the foreman
had not known I would be asked my side of the story. I gave my
account of the following day, and it was shown that I had been
falsely accused of actions that were not mine. It was then the
foreman’s turn to answer to his superiors.

Deer To Me

do not believe in the so-called “Middle-age crisis.”
Although I have another 20 years or more before I hit middle age (I
plan on beating a family record) I do think some of us grow out of
old habits or just get too bored with whom we are. According to my
wife and Judge Judy, men do not begin to mature until they are about

used to laugh at this but now, being 50, I think they are on to
something. I do want to make some changes in my life but nothing like
buying expensive cars or feeling the need to find myself. I think
it’s about creating a better me, not that the old one was so bad,
although I sure could have used some improvement years ago.

of my regrets in life would have to be not giving more of myself to
those around me; friends, family, children and my wife. My second is
not diving into my writing like I have wanted for 35-40 years. In the
past months, I have had a lot of dreams dealing with the regrets and
changes I want; I just need to push through the regrets and get on
with what I want out of life.

May 2, 2012

this dream, my wife and I were living in a larger three-story home. I
woke up in the dream with my back itching. I could not reach the spot
and remembered my back-scratcher down in the kitchen in my work box.
work box consists of items that I use throughout the day at work, and
it does contain a back scratchier)

got up out of bed and went out into the hallway. It was still dark
outside, but the hallway was well lit although I do not recall how.
The hall was long with closed doors on each side. Obie, our German
Shepard, was asleep at the right end of the hallway, and the stairs
were to my left. I walked over to the stairs and looked down.

stairs curved off to the left in a spiral until they faced the rear
of the house, landing on the second floor. Directly, across the
landing, the stairs continued down curving back to the right and
ended on the first floor facing the front of the house. The third
floor was the only floor lit. The light was enough to shine down onto
the second-floor landing, but the first floor was dark.

became nervous thinking that the house was so large and tall that I
would never know if someone were inside. I knew we had no alarms and
could not recall where the light switches were. There was a banister
on both sides of the stairs, and I took the stairs by just sliding
along the banister on my hands. I briefly stopped on the second-floor
landing crossing over to the next set of banister. I entered the
first floor; my eyes could well see due to street lights shining in
from outside.

came to rest at the bottom of the stairs and looked around. The room
at the bottom of the stairs was wide and part of one whole room or
several others. The first floor seemed to have no interior walls that
defined each room. In front of me, several feet away were the front
door and large windows running along both sides of the walls.

of light filtered in from the outside giving the first floor a light
glow. Next to the right side of the door was my work box, which held
many of my needs at work, including my back-scratcher. I walked over
to the box; the light was not enough to see individual items inside,
but I knew where everything was.

standing there I looked out into the street. My front yard was about
30 feet long and ended at a small row of bushes that rose about three
to four feet high. I could not tell if there was a sidewalk in front,
but across the street behind the streetlights was a sidewalk with
well-manicured grass on both sides.

streetlights were about twenty feet high and curved back down over
the road about five feet and large globes of soft light shone from
each. They stood about twenty-five to thirty feet apart and ran down
the street in each direction as far as I could see. There were houses
across the street which were dark; looking up and down the street, I
saw only one or two had lights on in their upper floors, but none had
any lit on the first. There were one or two that had the small solar
yard lights that lit their yards.

knew the area was safe. In my old home, in reality, I never turned on
the lights at night while wandering through, unless I was getting
ready for work. However, this was a new place I was not used to, and
I felt somewhat nervous standing there. I turned to go back up and
stopped at the bottom of the stairs. I thought that perhaps we could
get an alarm but then that was why we had Obie.

in the old home whenever I was on the first floor, and he was on the
third; I would call him and the house would nearly rumble as he,
never taking his time, would storm down the stairs. Obie was
ninety-five pounds of canine and four paws slamming down the stairs
sounding like an army on its way down. I started up the stairs,
taking two at a time like I always do. I briefly stopped at the
second-floor, thinking about exploring it, but it was too dark, and I
did not know where the light switches were.

continued on to the third floor where, as I reached the last step, I
could hear Obie moving rapidly around the hallway. Looking down the
hall, I saw Obie lurching playfully at something. For a moment, I
thought it was Lance our cat but walking toward Obie, I saw it was
too tall for Lance. Obie had the thing trapped in a corner. When I
reached him, I pushed him to the side and saw that it was a fawn.

fawn was very small, just larger than a cat. I wondered how it could
have gotten in. My thought was to take it outside and release it, but
it may have been too young to go on its own. The fawn dashed pass me
and ran for the stairs. I took after it, but by the time I had turned
and ran, the fawn had already made it to the stairs and out of my
sight. Just as I got to the stairs I heard hoofs behind me.

looked back down the hallway, and coming toward me was a doe, I knew
this must be the mother of the fawn. The doe approached me stopping
within an arm’s length. She looked up at me then down the stairs; I
was sure she wanted to pursue her fawn. I stepped aside to let her
pass, but she looked up to me once again and back to the stairs.

turned to escort her down the stairs but when I faced the stairs,
they were gone having been replaced by vines. The vines were thick
leafy green grape vines that hung from the ceiling to the first
floor. The only way I was going to get down was by climbing. I
wrapped my arms and legs around the vines and slid to the
second-floor landing. At the landing, I looked back up to the third
floor at the doe looking down on me.

then proceeded to follow my lead by wrapping her limbs around the
vines. Her slide was very clumsy, and she lost her hold just as she
came within my reach. I caught her and placed her on the landing next
to me. I then slid down to the first floor and held out my arms for
her to jump, which she did. She landed in my arms without any effort,
and I was surprised at how light she was. I set her down on the
floor, and she went for the front door which was opened and ran out
after her fawn.


indicates something in your life that you always wanted to do for a
long time. Perhaps you have some unfulfilled desires or unfinished
business. –


have a dream that takes place at night represents some major setbacks
and obstacles in achieving your goals.


see a new house in your dream indicates that you are taking on a new
identity and developing new strengths. You are becoming more


see a pet in your dream represents civilized instincts. You are
keeping your temper in line.


dream that a light switch is broken or that you cannot find the
switch indicates a lack of insight and perspective on a situation.


see a lamppost in your dream suggests that you are coming out of a
depressing or gloomy phase.


see spiral or winding stairs signifies growth. To dream that you are
walking down a flight of stairs represents your repressed thoughts.
You are regressing back into your subconscious. It also refers to the
setbacks that you are experiencing in your life. If you are afraid of
going down the stairs, then it means that you are afraid to confront
your repressed emotions and thoughts.

dream that you are walking up a flight of stairs indicates that you
are achieving a higher level of understanding. You are making
progress into your spiritual, emotional or material journey. The
dream is also analogous to material and thoughts that are coming to


see a fawn in your dream symbolizes true friends and faithfulness in


see a deer in your dream symbolizes grace, compassion, gentleness,
meekness and natural beauty. It has feminine qualities and may point
to the feminine aspect within yourself. It also represents
independence, alertness, and virility.


see grape vines in your dream symbolize rewards, prosperity, and


see an opened door in your dream symbolizes your receptiveness and
willingness to accept new ideas/concepts.

Itzy Bitzy Spider

writing down the dream and doing my dream analyses, I came to an easy
conclusion of what the dream meant. Days before leading up to the dream,
I had played with the idea of dropping the blog all together. I only
thought about it due to other responsibilities I am engaged in and the
need to cut back on a few expenses.

I could still do my dream journal
but on a free site and without all the upkeep. What I did not like was
the thought of losing an already enormous audience and the thought of
all the ads that the so-called unrestrained site would be pasting around
each page.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
the dream, another man and myself were doing a home inspection. I was
working along side the inspector but oddly never got a good look at him.
We went through most of the house which I do not recall much; however,
where the dream becomes clear is in one room we had just entered. It was
a small room, almost like a hallway except for being wider and having
door trimming around both entrances.

The man was inspecting the trim
work above the first entrance. The top looked fine to me, but he said he
needed a closer look. He gripped the edge of the trim, and as he pulled
it away from the wall, dirt fell out along with a large spider. The
spider was red and its body about as wide as a quarter. As the spider
ran down the doorway, I kicked at it trying to kill it, but it was too
fast. It leaped to the floor and ran across the room out the other end
of the room into a living room.

“We have to kill it before it gets back into the wall again,” the man said.

was closest to the other entrance and the spider, so I took off after
it. I caught up with the spider quickly in the living room. As the
spider ran across the floor, its body turned a shiny metallic dark blue
much like the shell of a beetle. The legs of the spider began to grow
and spread out into something resembling ferns. The legs grew until they
reached about two feet in length and about four to six inches wide.

Instead of running or crawling, the legs fanned out flat upon the floor
and swept in a swimming motion. It continued across the living room
floor heading toward a couch. I tossed something at the spider, what I
do not recall. The object hit next to the spider’s body and between two
of its legs; this caused the spider to turn away from the couch. I was
thinking about jumping and landing on the spider in order to stomp on it
but with the log legs sprouting from each side, this made him about
four feet wide.

My fear was if I missed the body the legs could easily
wrap around mine. Whether the spider was poisonous or not, I did not
want to find out. I threw something else and hit the spider on the body;
it did not seem injured but kept going. The man who had been with me
was behind me and yelling for me to stomp on it. I told him I was afraid
of the legs if I did not kill the spider.

The spider came to a wall and
began climbing; I was tempted to stomp on it then but backed away. The
spider was unique; I had never seen anything like it before and thought
better of killing anything so rare. The man came up beside me and kicked
the spider with such force that it was splattered all over the wall. I
looked at the fern, shaped legs and the now crushed corpse of the body
and felt a real loss. That was the last thing I recalled.

“To see a house in your dream represents your own soul and self”

you kill a spider in your dream, then it symbolizes misfortune and bad
luck. Spiders are also a symbol of creativity due to the intricate webs
they spin. To see a spider climbing up a wall in your dream denotes that
your desires will be soon be realized.” –

house was me, and the inspection was the meaning that I needed to
inspect some of the things I was involved with and their importance. The
spider was my blog. When I had started the blog, I was fearful about
the fact I had never had a blog and where I truly wanted it to go.
Chasing the spider (blog) I saw that I still had no idea of where it was
headed, but it was, in fact, growing into something unique.

Just before
I came to the conclusion of ending the spider I had second thoughts.
The man in my dream was me also confirming how I would feel once the
spider (blog) was gone. My conclusion is, everyone needs a hobby. My
open dream journal is just a part of a few other hobbies, and it does
not cost anywhere near what some more expensive hobbies do. So I think I
will keep things as they are and where I have better control.