the grass looks greener on the other side, in this case only because
it was over a sewer. I enjoy my job as a crane operator; the work is
always challenging and never the same. The only time I cannot enjoy
the job is on the rare occasion that I am with a company that makes
the job miserable. During 2010, I had one company pushing me to come
work for them. After sometime and an offer they made me, I decided to
hitch my wagon to them.

there I found that within the two years, they had been in business,
they had been through over a dozen operators. Every rule and law,
governing crane operating was thrown out. Speed was always placed
before safety and expressing your thoughts or opinions was taken as
insults, the job quickly became a nightmare. The following dream held
not only the path I was on but the answers I needed.

April 28, 2010

dreamed that I was crane operating out on a military base. I had
finished up for the day and was walking to my car to go home. There
was a road alongside the job that led to my car and took me past five
military fighter jets parked alongside the road. Each fighter jet was
from each branch of the military; Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and
National Guard.

I do not recall which order they were in, but they
held a futuristic look. They were painted the military colors of each
branch and were much sleeker than any design I had ever seen. The
bodies of the planes had no visible seams, looking as if they had
been molded as one piece. The cockpits were black and looked to be
only a single pilot cockpit.

I got up
to my car and noticed right away that it also held the sleek shape of
the fighter jets but without the wings. The body of my car, like the
fighter jets, had no seams except for where the doors were. Although
the jet fighters looked impressive, my car was far better looking
than any of them.

I got in
and started the car, the interior looking like it always had, in
reality. I drove home and pulled into my driveway. Only in the dream
did my house have a garage. I left the car and walked into a door
located on the side of the garage. Inside sat my 71′ Mach 1 which I
had sold years before. Pieces of the body had been removed, and the
engine was under repair. It was obvious that I was in the process of
restoring the car.


see the military in your dream signifies rigid authority and
emotional repression.-

Futuristic look

dream that you are in the future signifies your hopes or your fears
of how things will turn out. You are feeling apprehensive about the


dream of a fighter jet indicates that you are involved in some fast
paced project.


number five may reflect a change in your path, or that you need to
alter your


a situation, relationship, problem, etc. A fresh start or the desire
for one.-

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