Pen Pals

in dreams may sometimes not appear directly. Sometimes, numbers can be
presented in the number of characters, number of objects, or an action
that is repeated a certain number of times. Usually, you want to stick
with the basic numbers (1 through 9) when trying to decipher the meaning
of multiple digit numbers. For example, the number “1965” could mean
the year 1965. But you can also add up the digits until you get one
number. Thus 1965 –> 1+9+6+5 = 21 –> 2+1 = 3.”

was surprised at the above example and the number. The number “3” seems
to be a big part of the following dream which represents my longing to
start a third blog. Where this site is dedicated to my dreams, I am
thinking of another dedicated to my science fiction stories. As one part
of the dream suggests, I may have to get a bit more aggressive to get
what I want; the aggressiveness would be forcing myself to spend less
time on the couch.

Thursday, May 17, 2012
was standing outside in the dark, leaning against a new full size white
car with dark tinted windows. I was looking up at a clear but empty
night sky that had no moon or stars— just a black void. Darkness
seemed to cover everything; the only light was from the car’s headlights
and a single light that shone from an open door shining within a small
run-down home. The home stood away from the road several hundred yards
in a large field.

Three people whom I do not recall were bringing boxes
out of the house and into the trunk of the car. We were not only on the
run but on a mission at the same time, due to my contact with aliens. I
do not recall how contact was made but during the initial contact, the
aliens had given me a writing pen. The pen looked like the one I usually
carry with me, an inexpensive clear pen, which you can buy anywhere.

The pen held several functions. It was a communication device between
the aliens and myself, and I could always locate the aliens with this;
but for some reason, I had found that I could not be tracked through the
pen. The aliens never showed themselves and the contact between them
 and our government was through the pen, which only worked for me.

somehow had found out that although the aliens were not violent, they
were here as invaders.

I do not recall if they were taking over our
bodies or just changing their form to look like us. Because of the pen’s
ability, I was informing the government of their location; this was the
reason I and the three others were on the run. The aliens wanted the
pen back even if harming me to get it.

I was going across the country to
stay in hiding and also locate aliens that were spread out so the
government could catch them. I continued to stare up at the sky,
searching for the stars or moon and wondering where they were. One of
the three people with me was a woman who approached me.

“We’re packed and ready to go. Are you sure that pen can’t give us away?” she asked.

“I’m sure.” I answered, “As long as we have nothing on us or in the car with a GPS, we’re safe,” I answered her.

woman turned away and got into the back to the car. The men followed,
one getting in back and the other in the driver’s seat; I got in the
passenger’s seat. The car turned around and drove through a grassy path
up to a small incline. After a few hundred yards, we turned onto a back
road. I pulled out a map. The map was rolled up and had the texture of
plastic. Once I unrolled the map it was flat.

The map was a midnight
blue and blank. I placed my right finger on it, and a large yellow dot
with many points appeared; these were our current location . Bluish
lines representing roads appeared to stretch out from the yellow point
of my finger to smaller points representing towns or cities.

There were a
dozen cities around us, although I am not sure of the area portrayed,
like a picture on a smart-phone or tablet. I spread two fingers wide
across the map, and the scene moved closer in until only three towns
were left. I pointed to the nearest town which was to the upper right
 from us.

“Let’s go here.” I touched the nearest town, and  at the bottom to the map, distance to the city came up, 30 miles; it was then I awoke.

A void, empty space, or nothingness can represent:
Openness, freedom, potential, endless possibility as in an empty canvas or empty space.

dream of an extraterrestrial being or place represents your far-fetched
ideas and wild imagination. Your mind does not know any limits.

see a pen in your dream signifies self-expression and communication.
Consider also the phrase of how the pen is mightier than the sword.

3 lights
3 people,
12 towns, 1 + 2 = 3
3 towns,
30 miles, 3 + 0 = 3.
signifies life, vitality, inner strength, completion, imagination,
creativity, energy, self-exploration and experience. Dream of the number
three may be telling you that the third time is the charm.

dream that you escape from injury, from an animal, or from any
situation signifies your good health and prosperity. You will experience
a favorable turn of events.

dream you are driving the car, you are taking an active role in the way
your life is going. However, if you are the passenger, then you are
taking a passive role.

see or study a map in your dream suggests that your current life path
will lead to fulfillment of your needs and realization of your goals. It
also indicates that you are set on the path to self knowle
dge and self

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