Month: December 2012

An Easy Out

There are three ways to which I can inhabit other multiverses; spiritual body (1Cor 15:44) -in this state, I have full control over my actions. The third eye– where I can move around through sight only. The third, where I am a hitchhiker in the subconscious of my duplicate self. I can feel his emotions and sometimes pick out his thoughts. However, I do have my own thoughts and emotions but no control over his actions; it is observation only.

Sunday. July 15, 2012; (Unconscious dreaming)

I am sitting in a most comfortable chair that molds to my backside from my neck, down to a foot rest. The armrests end just at my wrists, and my fingers lay softly on a small panel with shallow depressions for the tips of each finger. In front of me is a wide window in which I oversee a skyline of tall buildings under a cloudless blue sky. In my peripheral vision, light gray walls encircle me. When I turned in either direction, the walls fade away and the outside world is exposed.

Even the floor gives up its solidness when I look down. Far below I can see a gathering of thousands of people around a single podium. Their attention is on one-man standing at the podium giving what I can only guess is a speech. From my vantage point, all I can tell of the person is that he is African-American. The place looks to be a large park in between the buildings. Two square ponds are in the park, and I determined that this is ground zero in New York.

I glanced back around the interior of the room I am in, but the walls yield aside to the outer environment. Scanning the outside area something catches my eyes, in the distance. My heart leaps into a pounding against my chest and I believe my breathing has stopped but for a moment. This is all due to the sight directly across from me. In front of one of the buildings is what I am sure is a flying saucer. Unlike the silver color, I expect; this one has a deep dark purple color or near black.

It is as wide as a bus, while the tapered edges rise to about ten feet in the middle. There are no features on the surface I can make out; only a sleek smooth shape. I glance back down to the crowd to see how many such as myself have noticed what is hovering above them, but it seems to drawanyone’s attention.

I looked back to the saucer, and scan to my left caught once again by surprise when I see yet another saucer hovering at the same height, this one being near a white color. I looked over my right and yet again a third saucer hangs in my view. Although I know this should be causing me an eerily feeling, my mind seems to accept calmly, that they are in their place. I want to see the rest of the room I am in and think of the area behind me. Just by that simple thought the chair swings around, and the walls fade to the outside.

Behind me, is a building, perhaps an apartment building. My room it seems is hovering at that distance. I now realize my interior is a saucer, like the other three. Recall flooded my mind that I am part of a group here to protect the people below. I am part of a unique team of five pilots who fly these ships. The saucers I know, are not man- made but vessels from an advanced civilization. Whether given to us, or found, or may be taken, I am not sure of.

I wonder yet again as to why no one in the thousands below was curious as to the saucers hovering above them perhaps. I guessed we are only visible to each other. I get the sensation that someone is looking in my direction behind me. My seat swivels around to the rear and up at a 45-degree angle. The wall fades and my vision or maybe the wall itself focuses in on a window only a few stories above me.

Just inside of the window a man is pointing a rifle at me or my ship. My view of him pulls in closer, and it would seem he is not looking at me but beyond me. I take note of the angle of his rifle and spin my seat around looking down to where I believe he is aiming. Due to the invisibility of my ship, it is not me but the president in his site. My ship just happened to be in between the two. I spin back in his direction just in time to see him take his shot.

Immediately, I see the view between us distort in fast hard ripples as if he has taken the shot into water. The ship has absorbed the impact of the bullet along with the sound the rifle had made. Once the view clears I see the man looking at his gun wondering what happened. I pressed a couple of my fingers down on the indents in the plate they rested on and the man’s body jerked falling backward into the room. I knew I had not killed him but stunned him until security arrived.

I turned the seat to the front of the ship and looked down. The crowd was departing, and the President was being escorted to his car. The event did not end due to the attempted assassination but due to the time. Once the President was in his car and on the move, I looked to see the three other saucers rise. They lifted up like balloons that had been released and made their way up into the blue sky. I lifted my
hands and the panel they had been laid on followed.

I rose quickly above the skyline twisting my left hand in a counter-clockwise turn. This caused my craft to turn in the same direction. Once I was facing the others I brought the left-hand panel back to center. I kept the panel still while I pushed the right panel forward, my craft responded, in like manner. I caught up with the others and stayed behind. In the lead, the black saucer launched away from us and out of sight, I followed from the rear.

Our flight path from New York, took us to the west. The acceleration of the ships was incredible. I watched as the land below us blurred by the acceleration stopped, and the ships began their deceleration. We dropped down over a vast plain, where there sat a lonely large warehouse looking facility with its roof slid open. In front of me, the two blue saucers dropped through the roof of which I followed. Inside, were five steel containers in a star pattern.

Each container was large enough to hold each saucer. I hovered just off the floor and watched as the two blue ships each, slid inside a container. The last empty container I knew was mine, maneuvering the hand pads I sailed inside. Docking inside, I stood. In front of the seat, the floor opened forming a ramp to the deck of the container. I walked down the steps, and out of the container where two thick steel doors closed the ship up behind me. I would not be allowed access to the ships again until needed.

Standing in the middle of the warehouse was a woman, the fifth Pilot. As the four of us walked in her direction, I recalled her as a petite woman with brown eyes behind glasses, long dark hair and a bit shy. Back from training that had promoted her to our squad leader, there seemed nothing timid about her standing there. Her hair had been shortened to the middle of her neck, and the glasses were gone.

I stepped up to her along with the other pilots, sure they too noticed her facial features. Her eyes were much darker and wider, slanting up more than they should and her ears had more of a canine appearance. Mostly, there were no flaws. She had been changed to the point of perfection and beauty so that she did not seem real.

Standing silently, the two women, myself and commander waited on the dark ship pilot. He had been the first to arrive but was purposely lagging behind while securing his ship. Meeting up, he took a couple of extra steps to place himself between us and the commander.

While looking at the commander up and down he asked with animosity, “So, was your trainer alien or human?”

“Training is classified; you all know that.” She informed him. “There are to be no questions regarding the process.” She directed that statement at the four of us.

“Is that your first order?” he demanded.

“I did not request the position.” She responded, “I had no choice but to take it.”

“Good luck.” Letting ring the malice in his voice, he turned and walked off.

“I did not dismiss anyone.” She called out turning his way, but he ignored her.

She turned back to face the three of us.

“Get some rest.” She ordered, “In the morning; we will start fresh.”
The two women walked off. I went to follow, but the commander blocked my path facing me.

“Watch my back.” I had no sooner glanced up looking into her face when she finished the order and turned away into the direction of our living quarters.

I stood there thinking about the order she had just given me. It was obvious the dark ship pilot had wanted the position but to what point? It was suddenly dark, and I found myself in bed. I roll over to my left side peering through the darkness. I can just see the outlines of objects in the room, like two other beds against the far wall. Each has what looks to be a person sleeping. My guess is we all share one large sleeping quarters. I look to the left of the room and see the outline of someone sitting on the top steps that lead down. Allowing my eyes to adjust, I can see a figure, it is the commander.

Just then I happened to notice the Silhouette of someone passing by me heading toward the stairs. The person is being far too quiet and moving in a stalking fashion. Once they pass I slip out from under my blankets and place my feet on the floor covered in a plush soft carpet. The person has something short and thick in their right hand. I slide my hand under my pillow and pull out a long knife. I stand, then make three or four wide, but quick paces up to the figure. It is the dark ship pilot. He stops just behind the commander and raises the object in his hand above his head.

I do not make a noise or warn my commander. As the tip of the club swings behind his head, I reach up with my left hand and clutch it. Before he can react, I thrust the knife through his back severing his
spinal cord and in the process penetrate his heart. The only thing that runs through my mind is, how easily the knife goes through him. There is a small button on the handle under my thumb, and I apply pressure to it. His body jerks once, and I think I hear a low zap. His body goes limp, and I guide his fall away from the stairs as to not topple the commander down with him.

The carpet absorbs all sound as the dark pilots lifeless body collapses into stillness. I leave the knife in his body. I watch the body for a few seconds feeling no remorse only because I know there will be no consequences. The commander has not moved or taking any notice of the actions. I sit next to her on her left and look at her. She stares down the stairs whose bottom is covered in darkness.

“I did not want this position.” She whispered almost to herself. “I only wanted to pilot the alien crafts.”

“Do you regret signing up?” I asked.

“No.” I barely hear her say, “Only asking you to watch my back.”

I think about what I had just done and asked, “Why?”

“It would have been an easy out.” We both sat there in the silence until I awoke.

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