Month: January 2013

Wave of Panic

Dream; Wednesday,
January 30, 2012

My wife and I were
sitting inside the house. It was dark outside, and the living room,
Florida room and dining room were all lit up. My wife’s shepherd
needed to go out so she asked me to join her. We left by the side
door which has a ramp leading to the front of the house, in the dream
it had a set of steps added as an access to the backyard.

There were
about three or four inches of snow we walked through to the backyard.
Once the dog had done his duty, he circled the backyard then ran out
onto the pier. At the end, he leapt into the freezing water. I yelled
angrily for him to swim back to the seawall. He obliged and even
though the water was near freezing, he seemed to enjoy it. Waiting
for him to get out; I looked over to Norfolk.

could see the naval base and lights of the cities but something else
caught my eyes. A green tinted wave seemed to be rising from the
southern horizon. Still miles beyond the three cities it must have
been hundreds of feet high. It had the look of sunshine reflecting
off a bright green lawn draped over a wave. Whether the wave was made
up of water, smoke or land, I could not tell.

screamed at my wife; we needed to get the car and leave. She looked
over and saw what I was pointing to. We ran back into the house where
four other house guests were inside. I cannot recall three of them,
but one was my eldest son. Inside I told everyone to grab what food
and clothes they could get within the next minute. My son was at the
table reading but did not seem prepared to leave.

shepherd darted through the house, his excitement being caused by
everyone’s commotion of gathering things together. There would not be
enough room inside the car, so I would have to release him outside to
fend for himself.

wrong? Why aren’t you getting ready?” I asked in a panic as my
son continued reading.

may not be anything.” He responded, “It’s dark outside so
you may be just seeing things.”

saw it clearly because of the glowing green tint.” I quickly
went back to my demanding him to get up, so we could leave, he
refused. He continued reading as if nothing were wrong. My wife and
the other three guess were tossing their things in the truck.

you just go to the car?” I asked him.

you and the others go. You’ll see it’s nothing and come back.”
He answered.

ran to the front door; the others were in the car waiting.

don’t have time left. I need you to come with us now!” I
demanded and awoke.

Block by Block

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Getting ready for bed, I prepared
myself for meditation. I went through my regular mental exercises,
the last focusing on the interspersing of quantum makeup. In my
mind’s eye, I watched as the last of my atoms was flung out into the
multiverse. Things became dark but only for a short time. Points of
light began to come into view until my field of vision was filled
with them. I stood on a shoreline looking upon bright stars across
the sky and a dark ocean stretching in front of me into the horizon.

In the distance, sky over the
water, glistening red fireworks appeared making the faintest
reflection in the water below. I counted off the silence until the
rumble it made over took the quiet, three miles out. Behind the
bellow followed a hiss that quickly grew into a tearing of air. A
plane, without its running lights streaked overhead. I could just see
the outline of the plane as it crossed in front of the star field.
Perhaps this is some military night show. Looking to my right then
left; I seemed to be alone. Down the beach to my left, a few yards
away was an outline of a plane parked in the sand.

I took the small stroll over
glancing up while several more aircraft flew over. In the distance,
red fireworks lit up the heavens. Yards from the beached plane I came
upon a flat metal disk embedded in the sand. I inspected the disk
which was at least six to eight feet in diameter. My estimate was due
to what was sticking out of the sand. The disk was the same on both
sides but what amazed me was its thickness or the lack there of.

Looking straight on at the edge,
it was almost invisible, being as fine as a human hair or less. I
knocked on both sides of the surface and got back a dull sound like
thick steel. I pushed against the side but there was no flex at all.
The outer edge’s surface had the tiniest shimmer exposing its true
sharpest; I thought it best not to touch.

I left the disk and continued to
the plane. I approached the plane by the tip of its port wing.
Barricade tape surrounded the craft keeping me several feet away. The
wing was stubby and swooped backward, narrowing and ending at the
tail. The front had the cockpit of a raptor jet fighter. The plane
was intact but looked as if it had crashed here, maybe skidding over
the water and then burying itself on the beach.

The tail looked heavy and bulky,
so I walked over to it. In place of where the horizontal stabilizers
should have been, were a row of four jet engines. Where the rudder
should have been held a column of three smaller engines. Under the
horizontal stabilizer, another column of tinier jet engines was
buried under the sand. Around the area, were several of the disks,
some buried while a couple laid flat on the sand all surrounded by
the barricade tape.

Up in the night sky, military
plans criss-crossed. On one of the planes hung a square block. The
block had to be twenty feet or more in diameter. The edges and
corners were curved. Opposite ends of two of its surface were sunk in
a couple of feet. Following a distance behind, two rows of these
blocks flew over in the same direction.

There were five blocks in both
rows, all of which were no more then three or four feet spaced. They
flew just as fast as the jets but without a sound. All were a two
tone light color which gave me the ability to see them in the dark.
As bulky and square as they were the blocks sped through the air as
if they were aerodynamic.

Just before I lost sight of the
twin row, one of the rear blocks in the right row split off. Only
yards away a jet fighter heading in the opposite direction met up
with it. The block jetted to the bottom of the fighter, and a bright
laser beam shot from one of the blocks centers surface across the
sky. I looked at the direction of the shot to see fireworks.

This was not an air show but a
war. Whether this was of an alien nature or just the technology of
this world, I did not know. Crimson beams flashed across the sky.
Over the water, in the direction they had flashed, came two fighters
both with the blocks attached to their undersides. Soundlessly, the
center of the blocks depressions pulsated with thick ruby lasers.

As the planes passed I caught
sight of an object coming out of the dark on their port side. There
were eight of the round thin disks flying in formation. As they
closed in on the planes, I saw the disks were connected to one of the
blocks by each of its corners at right angles. One of the disks on
the front upper-right corner accelerated away and sliced the nearest
fighter and its block in two pieces.

Large red sparks came from around
the disk’s edge as it cut through. These were the fireworks I had
been seeing throughout the sky. Three more blocks with mounted disks
came out of the dark. One fired a disk in the direction of the
remaining fighter. The fighter was near the horizon when I saw the
ring of fireworks.

Staying out in the open may not
be a good idea. I searched up and down the beach for other people,
but I could see none. I looked back the way I had come. There were
houses along the water with a dark, vacant look but still standing.
Staying out in the open would not be a good idea. The houses would
make an acceptable hiding place.

Approaching the first home, I
knew the house, it was two doors down from mine. I stopped and looked
around, most of what I could see resembled the neighborhood in my
world. Continuing to my home and crossing the driveway; it was empty
of mine and my wife’s cars. I climbed the couple of steps up to the

I entered the house leaving the
door open for a quick escape if needed. I listened for any sounds of
life in the house, but it was quiet. Yelling out for my wife, the
sudden sounds of our German shepherd irrupted as he pounded down the
stairs from the top floor. At the bottom, he came around the corner
at a full run.

Behind our Shepherd was another.
Both ran past me and out the front door, as if I were not there. I
followed them onto the porch; the Shepherds leapt from the porch and
continued across the yard. My faithful dog ignored me as I demanded
him to return. Across the street, they ran between two homes that
were partly in ruins. I saw them no more so I re-entered the house. I
took a quick check through the first floor and up to the top; our
home was empty. Back downstairs and out the front door I again stood
on the porch.

The morning sun had come up, and
a chilling fog had rolled over the area. I saw nor heard any sounds
human, animal or war. I needed to find someone; my best bet was to
head out to the main road. The houses down the street to the east
were in ruins and blown about. It looked as if something large had
hit the homes and slid for nearly three-quarters of a mile ripping
them out. The homes to my left were still intact, and that was the
way I needed. It led to the main road; at least in my world. The road
was a half-mile away and during my walk, I saw no one.

At the main road, the
intersection was under water by at least three feet. I had thought
about going around, but the road dipped on both ends placing them
deeper. Just over a hundred feet on the other side the road was
exposed so I made the trek across.

Wading through the water, I heard
the loud whining of motors. Looking to the west, two jet skis were
cutting through the water down the street. As they neared, they
slowed seeing me crossing. They began coming toward me, so I finished
my crossing to the dry part of the road.

They circled in the intersection
watching me. My guess was that they were checking to see if I had
anything of worth. Another loud motor roared and out of one of the
side streets, a four-wheel drive van came out. Seeing the two jet
skis it aimed for them. The jet skier’s gunned their engines but not
in time. The van purposely slammed into them. Their bodies flew from
the seats of the jet skis and into the water.

The wild looking man in the
driver’s seat laughed through his open window. He spun the van around
and ran over one of the skiers. He then backed up, found the other
whose body was floating and ran over it. I would likely be his next

On one of the corners was a 7-11
that looked as though it had been ran-sacked. The van came to a stop
pointing East; I was standing to the North. Although he had a clear
sight on me, he was looking at something in the 7-11 parking lot.

I glanced over seeing a car in
the far corner with a family inside. The man at the wheel gunned the
car and drove out into the road where the car bogged down in the
water. The van roared and leaped ahead ramming the car in its
passenger side. The van did not stop but continued to push the car
into deeper water.

To explore this world, I would
have to deal with more crazies like the guy in the van. I needed a
weapon. My gun should be at the house, if not, I knew a neighbor who
was well stocked. I trekked back through the water to home. Out of
the water, I quickened my pace.

From around a house to my left a
large dog bolted out. After a few yards, I saw his objective was me.
I stopped and quickly looked around. There was a board, a two by four
several feet in front of me between the dog and myself. I took two
hard and wide strides scoping up to the board just as the dog leap. I
swung and caught it across the nose causing him to flip over. I
adjusted the board in my hands, just as he was upon me once more. I
did not have time for a full swing, so I jammed the board into his
face. He barked and backed off shaken his head. This gave me time to
raise the board to get a better strike.

Just then I caught the sight of
yet another dog, a pit bull, coming for me. I had to kill the first
dog fast. I swung but missed as the dog kicked away. He rushed back
in. I knew I only had one swing for him before I could get one off on
the pit bull. I swung hard downward, but the dog turned in fright and
ran off. I turned to the pit bull who had now run from me also. I
heard the roar of the van tearing through my ears and felt a hard
slam into my back causing me to come to in my bed.

Out of Body Experiences

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Had an body experienced this
morning, while napping in the car. I got into the parking lot at
work, set my alarm and laid back to catch a good nap before work. I
fell asleep almost immediately. I became aware that I was speeding
and swerving throughout the parking lot. I looked around me wondering
what I was doing. At the speed I was going, I could be getting myself
killed. I could see the parking lot around me so the sun was up but
behind a cloud-covered sky. Just to the left of me was a stack of
cardboard boxes that had been discarded in the lot.

I swerved towards them and sped
up. The car slammed into about six or more, thankfully empty boxes
throwing them into the air. Up ahead was a kiosk that had been set up
in the parking lot, I was aiming for. I slammed into the kiosk
purposely but in the back of my mine thanking God that no one had
been inside.

While there were other kiosks set
up on the west end, on the north, several people were in the process
of erecting a large tent. I sped across the parking lot taking notice
that it was nearly empty of cars. While turning the car toward the
tent, I realized this was a dream. 

Workers who had been erecting the
tent were at a standstill watching me. Others around the lot also
stopped their activities to watch me wreck havoc. I wanted to hit the
brakes, but my feet would not respond. I thought about just veering
out of the way of the tent and people, but I could not get past only
the thought. My body seemed to be on autopilot.

I took a look at the steering
wheel focusing my attention on turning. The hands who clasped the
wheel were not mine but small and dainty. My eyes glanced down and
saw the slim figure of a woman. It all made sense; this was not a
dream but an out-of-body experience. I had no control because only my
mind inhabited this dimension inside my counterpart here, a female.

Somewhat relieved she maneuvered
the car to avoid the tent erectors; we plunged through. I heard the
ripping of canvass and the snapping of metal poles. Sensing her
emotional state of anger raging inside her, we broke through the
other-side. The car bounded from the lot over the sidewalk, and out
onto the main street.

Racing down the road, we came to
a residential area, not slowing she swerved the car into the
neighborhood. She snatched the car down each street we came upon.
Through the windshield, the view of the streets began to overlap with
another image, that of a school bus. The image of the bus became
stronger blocking that of the streets we were recklessly speeding

The entire windshield became a
screen which pictured the rear of a school bus filled with children
and adults. The image followed behind the bus as a car would be
filming. The bus drove slowly down a narrow road where thick trees
and bushes almost touched the sides. The image became even more
enhanced as if I were there in the car filming, but I could still see
myself or counter self-turning the wheel hard and pumping the
accelerator. I can only assume that my counter-part could not see the
new image.

My mind drew upon the image
before me, and I could bring the sight of the bus closer. As the
image grew, the back of the bus had gone, and I now looked from the
inside from the rear. The bus was full, and at the front standing in
the aisle were two women. One in her late twenties or early thirties
but my focus was the other. A bit stocky and about five foot five,
the woman may have been around sixty. She was crying and talking to
the driver of the bus.

“I know he’s somewhere out
here.” She told the driver. “Let me get out and take a look
in the edge of the woods.”

The bus had been traveling as a
fast-paced walk. My guess is to find whomever the woman was looking
for. I looked at the woman to get better details of her for when I
got back to my own would. I tried to get details of her face, but I
was still being jerked around by the car.

“Will you stop!” I
screamed. The car braked and the squeal of tires on pavement filled
the air. I clung to the dashboard avoiding going out the window. My
hands still gripped the dash after stopping. That horrible smell of
melted rubber on pavement filled my lungs and taste buds. I looked
back at my hands not the female hands. I was in the passenger seat.

In the drivers, seat sat a young
girl in her late teens. She was shaking with fear, and her eyes
locked onto me. Terror froze her in the seat for somehow; I must have
materialized from nowhere. She had long thin but wavy dark blond
hair. She wore a light blue short-sleeve shirt and jeans. I had left
the consciousness of my counterpart and appeared in her world. I had
a bit of a shock also but not as much as she had.  

I looked up to the windshield to
make sure the image of the woman on the bus was still there. The
windshield was not a projection of the environment of the bus and
people, but instead an opening. What I looked upon was nothing more
than what I would have seen through an open window. I glanced out
each side of the car windows. The side windows looked at the world
the girl, that I was in. Through the windshield was another place
which I could have easily accessed just climbing through. My young
female counterpart still had not moved but remained froze through

I thought it best to place the
car in neutral and pull the keys. The shifter was on the steering
column; that and other evidence of the interior showed that it was
not my car. I shifted the arm up into neutral and turned the key
shutting down the engine. I heard the hiss of opening doors and
looked through the windshield. The bus driver brought the bus to a
stop. Opening the doors the two women were exiting the bus, no one
else joined them.   

As though the windshield itself
were moving, I could guide the view simply by thought. I pulled the
image out of the bus and over to the outside left of the bus. The
older woman followed up behind the younger woman as they turn down
the left side of the bus. I focused closer on the woman’s face. She
was a white woman with what may have been some Italian in her.

Lines of age rather small
creased her eyes and mouth. She had short thick brownish hair combed
to the right of her face. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying.
Her and the younger woman only peered into the woods from the edge of
the road. Their hunt began at the back of the bus, and they slowly
moved forward.

“I know he’s in here
somewhere.” The woman cried but never called out any name. As
they continued past the bus, the driver slowly crept ahead

I heard a loud pounding inside my
head. I looked around the car and heard it again coming from the left
driver’s window. I sat up finding I was being awakened from my nap by
someone on the outside wanting my attention. The pounding came a
third time. Still in a half daze from my nap I reached for the
ignition. I could not seem to find the steering column in order to
turn the key for my electric windows. As I searched I looked out the
left window as a forth knock came to it. I found that I was in the
passenger’s seat.

Having a console between the two
seats, I could not have crossed over without being awake. The
pounding continued, and I looked up to see one of the yard security
officers outside my driver’s window. I opened the passenger’s door
and stepped out.

“What?” I demanded. I
saw no reason why he should have disturbed me. I then noticed the sun
had already risen; placing it well pass starting time. Co-workers
must have seen me sleeping. When I did not report to work, someone
asked the security officer to check on me.

“Did you drive this vehicle
here?” he asked.

“Of course, it didn’t drive
itself” I said with a heavy tone.

“So, it’s functional?”
He asked.

Was he nuts? How else would it
have gotten here and why was he so interested in the car? 

I was about to ask just that when
my attention became distracted. Sticking out from the right side of
the tire well was torn cardboard, lots of it. I walked slowly around
the front of the car and was aghast. The drivers quarter panel had
been ripped away and pieces of cardboard and tent canvass, were
tangled throughout the bumper, tire and hanging from under the car.

“Sir, is this your vehicle?”
The guard demanded a response. I wanted to say nothing at the moment
as I stood in cold fear.

“What had I done?” I
thought to myself. Had I actually driven the car while asleep?

“Oh, my God.” I said to
myself low and slow. Had I injured or killed someone? I wanted to
scream; my hands came up and wrapped themselves over my mouth. The
guard continued to ask about the ownership of the car. I looked at
him while he radioed for someone to meet us. I happened to notice
several people around him, bystanders. I turned around to see a dozen
or more behind me. They had all taken an interest in the situation.

“Oh please God, tell me I
have not hurt anyone.” I prayed. I looked back to the officer
who now just stood and stared at me. The shock of what was going on
had brought me out of my initial grogginess. I looked down at the car
for signs of blood and found none. However, my hands left my mouth
and clasped on top of my head.

“This isn’t my car!” I
shouted. It was the car from my out-of-body experience. 

The security officer heard my

“Then whose car is it sir?”
He asked.

“No way!” I said out
loud. “There is no way this car can be here.”

I looked at the officer and the
people around me. The uniform nor the people looked familiar. The
kiosk’s and the tent I had crashed through were gone. No longer, the
black asphalt and well painted lines, the parking lot was aged with
cracks and gashes growing weeds and bright wildflowers. Over to the
river where the cranes would be standing, they also were gone.

“OMG!” I said, “I’m
still in an out of body state.”

I glanced back to the officer who
now gave me a hard stare. He lifted his radio close to his mouth and
asked someone by name to come quickly. I did not want to wake just
yet, but I did need to leave this area before the net got here. More
people were gathering around; I needed to leave now. I thought about
my bug-out-bag but remembered it was back in my world. Although I
would not be here long, I did want some supplies, whatever they may

I stepped around the car to the
driver’s side; the officer did not try to stop me. Finding the door
unlocked, I opened it just enough to reach in and pull out the keys.
I glanced at the officer once more encase he thought I had gone for a
weapon; he did not seem to concern. Stepping from the drivers’ door,
I turned, nearly bumping into a young woman.

“Is this your car?” She asked
in a over excitingly voice.

“No.” I replied to her
happily. I stepped around her and went to the back. The car was a
hatchback, and I searched for the lock in order to open the lid. 

“What are you looking for?”
She asked. 

“The keyhole, so I can get
into the back.” 

“Is this it?” She asked
while pointing to the driver’s side fender. I looked to the side. Her
finger rested on a key lock. I stepped around to the side of the car.
The key hole was factory mounted and had three settings that the key
could turn to. One was for the doors, and the other was the back
hatch. The third was a symbol like a triangle or house icon. I
plugged in the key and turned it to the hatch, which caused it to pop
open. As I went to the back once again the young girl or woman stayed
close on my heel.

“Did you drive the car
here?” She asked. 

I stuck my head inside the back
area answering her as I searched. 

“I’m not sure.” 

“Does it work?” 

The thought caused me to stop

“It did earlier.” I
informed her. With the car in its current state and the crowd that
had formed around us, it would be better to walk. I stuck my left
hand out with the key toward the girl. 

“Here, she’s all yours.”
I told her while dropping the key into her hand. 

“What?” She exclaimed,
“Are you serious?” 

“Yeah, just let me get out
of here first.”   

I noticed a well-dressed man
talking to the security officer. I paid no attention to what they
were discussing but could tell it was me. I looked inside of the car.
Against the back seat leaned a pinkish backpack which I grabbed.
Alongside of the pack were three small bags that I grabbed. I looked
into each one. One held a digital camera, the second a bulky cell
phone and the third some type of multi functional tool. 

All three bags had strings to
fasten their tops; I used them to tie the bags to my belt. I raised
out of the back and looked around trying to decide which way to walk
out of here. When I looked to my left, the gentleman who had been
talking to the security officer was almost against me. 

“Are you leaving on foot?”
He asked. 

“Yes.” I shot the

He held out his hand.  

“Could I have the key for
the car?” He asked politely.  

“I gave it to the young
woman.” I told him. I looked around to see her standing at the
right front of the car, talking to a boy of about ten.  

“Did you drive the car
here?” He asked me.  

“Are you kidding?” I
thought. Why could they not understand, “I did not drive the
car?” Then it clicked. They are not concerned over the driver;
it is the cars running condition that interest them.

“The car should be
operable.” I told him, “The owner is a teenage girl.”
Then I lied, “I caught a ride with her not too far from here.
I’m doing some cross country hiking, and she offered me a lift. I
guess I fell asleep. The next thing I recall is the guard banging on
the window.”

The man looked at me
suspiciously. “You talk as though someone out and about in a car
is normal.” He said. 

“It is, where I come from.”
I informed him. 

“Must be a long way from
here.” He said sarcastically. 

“It’s a very long way.”
I told him sternly.   

The man turned and walked over to
the officer. The two of them talked while I went back to gather the
bags. I wanted to know the girls name that owned the car. Closing the
hatch I went over to the passenger’s side. I dropped the pack into
the floor of the front seat. I then sat down with my legs outside and
feet on the ground. I opened the glove compartment finding another
mess. All identifying paper work was ripped into tiny pieces. A small
piece of the vehicle’s registration held the owners name but the only
thing left was a “Be,” the first two letters of the girls

“Excuse me.” I heard
the man speak to me. He had left the officer and now stood next to

“Yes?” I asked.

“I think it would be best if
I took the car and delivered it to the foundation.” He said.

“Sure, what kind of
foundation?” I asked him. He looked at me strangely.

“The Back-on-track
foundation.” He said as though talking to a child, “What
other foundations are you aware of?”

“A few from where I come
from.” I responded.

“Maybe I can give you a ride
along the way?” He said while looking over the top of the car. 

I turned in the seat to look out
the front window. Two other officers were heading our way. I had the
feeling my ride would be to the “Back on track” foundation

It did not matter; my alarm
should be awaking me at any moment, so I would go along with whatever
he wanted.

“Okay, I’ll tag along.”
I informed him.

“Clara.” The man called
the girl who I gave the key to. She turned from talking to the boy to
the man who made his way around to her side of the car. He opened the
driver’s door.

“Get in” He said to

“Are you serious!” She

“You’ve been studying them
for months; I’m sure you can handle it.” He said to her with a
smile. Clara ran around to the diver’s side and slid behind the
wheel. The man made a come here motion of his arm over to the
driver’s side. A young boy came around to my side, and the man held
the back door for him. 

Once he was in, the door was

He then walked around to the
driver’s side and got into the back seat. The front passenger was
left for me. I pulled my feet in and closed the door. Clara excitedly
jammed the key into the ignition. The man talked her through the
start up. The car started with no problem. She shifted the car into
reverse and began lifting the brake. Just as the car began to move
she shoved the brake back down jolting us.

“Is this your first time
behind the wheel?” I asked Clara.

“Yes but I have studied the
basics behind driving.” She said.

“Do you have a license?”
I asked.

“For what?” She asked.

“To drive!” I said. 

Before she could answer, the man
in the back leaned forward.

“People had to be tested and
issued a card before being allowed to drive.” He told her. He
sat back eying me with a hard stare. He reached into his shirt pocket
and pulled out a small notebook writing down something. I noticed the
large group of people that had formed around us now stepping out of
the way to allow us through. The girl placed the car in driver, and
we moved forward through the crowd.

Once we left the lot we headed
east. The roads were narrowed to ten feet wide and reconstructed for
smaller and slower vehicles. Leaving the lot we headed east. Roads
were narrowed to ten feet wide and reconstructed for smaller and
slower vehicles. Clara kept the car’s speed under 20 MPH. Outside I
looked and felt the familiarity of my world in this place. Missing
buildings and the growth of new vegetation over empty areas made it
evident something had happened years before.

My mind went to the bags; I tied
to my belt. I opened the bag that held the camera. I pulled it out
and went to turn it on. I was hoping to get some pictures that may
have been stored within the device. I pressed the “on”
button, but nothing happened. My guess was the batteries had died. I
pulled out the cell phone next. Although it looked like one of our
smart phones, this one was three times as thick, it also would not
turn on.

“Where are you from?”
The girl asked me.

“It’s too complicated.”
I assured her. Once again, the man jotted down notes. We continued
our ride for sometime. Every now and then, we would pass a bicycle or
Walker which came to a stop and stared at us.

The area we were driving through
was beautiful with trees and fields of wildflowers on each side the
road. The sun was about midway up in the sky, and I began to wonder
how long I had been away from my body. I calculated that I had been
in the first OBE about half an hour. I had been here in this world
for well over an hour putting me over an hour and a half out of my

In my world, I laid down for the
nap at 5:30 AM, falling asleep within ten minutes. I had preset my
alarm for 6:15, giving me a 35-minute sleep time. Furthermore, how
long was I sleeping in this car before the officer awakened me.

Time is irrelevant while in other
multiverses. My consciousness had all the time in this world. While
waking in my world, only a few seconds or minutes will have passed.
The thing that bothered me, I had gone to sleep in my car parked next
to the main road cutting through the lot. I was vulnerable if someone
broke into my car. Furthermore, if another car were to hit mine, they
did tend to speed heavily through the lot.

I began to get a bit edgy. With
nothing more going on here, I thought it best to go home. I closed my
eyes willing myself home; it did not work. Again, I tried but opened
my eyes to the same world, car and three people.

“What are you doing?”
Clara asked me. 

“I’m trying to wake up.”
I responded to her. 

“You are not asleep.” 

“Not here, I’m not.” I
looked around. The surroundings looked familiar, but I could not
recall the area. 

“What do call this place?”
I asked.

“George Washington.”
She answered.

We came upon a small drawbridge
that a narrow river flowed under. The bridge and surrounding area
also looked familiar. I thought the girl had meant the city we were
in was called George Washington, but now I recalled the bridge. It
was the George Washington Highway in Chesapeake, Virginia. The bridge
was one I crossed often here in my world.

I leaned my head back and placed
my hands over my face. I took a couple of deep breathes imagined
myself in my car. I dropped my hands and opened my eyes. I did not go
anywhere. My anxiety rose as I tried twice more to will myself awake.
The girl continued to glance over at me.

“Why don’t you want to tell
us where you’re from?”

“You would not believe me.”
I told her.

“You act very strange.”
Clara said, continuing to talk, distracting me from my will power to

“Are you tired? You keep
falling asleep.”

Was I stuck here permanently?
Would I ever see my family? This and many other thoughts brought me
to panic.

“I am not falling asleep!”
I snapped at her. “This isn’t my world; I don’t belong here. I’m
stuck and don’t understand why I can’t wake up in my world, my car,
and my own body.” Her eyes became wet with tears, and I knew I
had scared her. I glanced back, and saw the man writing in his little
notebook, waiting for him to comment on my out burst. He did not.

“Please, everyone just be
quiet for a moment!” I pleaded. This time I leaned forward
placing my head into my hands.

Seconds later the light no longer
seeped between my fingers; I dropped my hands. It was dark outside. I
sat in my car, I hoped and looked around trying to find anything out
of place. Next to me in the passenger seat sat my phone.

I reached over and picked it up
looking at the time; another five minutes before the alarm was set to
go off. Holding the phone I continued to scan around me. The alarm
went off, satisfied I had indeed returned to my own world. Even after
leaving the car and heading for the gate I still checked to see I was
where I needed to be.