Month: September 2013

Solving Problems

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
I was standing
in the backyard with my hands clasped behind my back. I was in deep
thought while looking over the sheep my wife had purchased a few
months ago. It paid me no mind as it nibbled at the grass. I recalled
that no sooner had we placed our home on the market, than someone had
bought it. I was wondering where we were going to move since we had
not expected the home to sell so quickly.
I sat up in the
“Great!” I thought, “If we don’t find a place
with a yard, my wife will have to give up her sheep.”
on… we don’t have the house up for sale,” I said to
“Problem solved, my wife doesn’t have to give up the
sheep.” With that relief, I went to lie back down when another
thought hit me, “We don’t own a sheep! It was a dream.”
went back to sleep.

Where Credit is Due

I am sure this dream was brought on by having to deal with a couple of (knucklehead) guys on the job. Their insistence on doing things their way when I already had plans laid out, led to several mistakes until I could have torn my hair out. To top it off, upper management came to me about why they were doing it that way.

“How the hell should I know? I’m not in charge. Here’s a crazy idea, ASK THEM!!!”

Yes, those were my exact words. I don’t know if they did ask them, but they left me alone.

Monday, January 23, 2012

I was driving a tractor trailer delivering a rough terrain crane to a job site. Once on site, I disconnected from the lowboy and backed the crane off. I pulled the crane over to the side of the job site and went back to my truck. As I tossed the chains and binders into their box, a man came out from the office trailer. He walked past the crane and over to me.

“I’m the crane operator,” he said without giving a name. Before I could give any response, he turned and walked over to the crane.

I returned to clearing off the bed of the lowboy, glancing back every now and then to the crane and operator. When the man had gotten into the crane, he drove it over by a tree that stood just outside  the job site area. He set up the crane and began putting it through a few motions; I noticed right away he had no idea what he was doing. I got into my truck and backed up to the lowboy. I shut off the truck and got out. I walked to the lowboy and began hooking up the connections from the truck. As I finished up the last of the connections, a cream-colored car pulled up next to me. The car was large and looked very expensive.

The driver stepped out, and I saw it was my birth mother, who I had not seen or talked to in 16 years. I also noticed she looked just the same as if she was in her early forties. She was wearing a light-colored blouse and dark slacks. She called out to me, and I jumped down from the lowboy to walk over to her, hesitantly giving her a short embrace.

“How are you doing?” I asked.

“Fine, I heard you were out here and came to see you,” she said. “I hear you have credit cards, are they yours or did you take them from someone?”

I stepped back, looking at her strangely.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Well I know how fond you were of them, starting at around 11 years old you would steal them out of my purse,” she answered.
“What are you talking about? I never stole anything out of your purse, much less credit cards,” I responded.

“Of course you did, and you know; you never apologized for it.” I turned and stormed away shaking my head.
“What’s wrong?” She asked. I turned back to her and yelled,

“Are you kidding me? I haven’t seen you in years, and you come here accusing me of something I never did as a child or an adult!”

“No need to get upset, I was only wanting an apology.”

“You need to leave!” I demanded. I went back to work, and she got in her car and left.

As I slammed tools into the truck’s toolbox, I glanced up at the sky. The sun was in the west around 50 to 60  degrees up. Three-quarters of the sky from the east down to the western horizon was covered in clouds. Although the sun stood in a clearing between the clouds, it had shone very dim. Like that of a sunrise or sunset, the underside of the clouds glowed in multiple colors of reds, oranges, pinks and purples. I could not understand how these colors were forming; since the sun hung behind the clouds. I reached in the truck and grabbed my camera. I took dozens of pictures, all the while the changes in color shifted.

I continued snapping shots until I heard a cracking noise. I turned to the crane and crane operator and saw that he had purposely hooked the crane onto the tree, having to reach over the car to do so. He began hoisting up trying to pull the tree out of the ground, which he did.As the weight fell back into the crane’s cable, the cable snapped dropping the tree onto the car. I shook my head in disbelief. A man, who I took as the project manager, came running out of the office trailer. Instead of approaching the crane and operator, he came over to me.

“Why did you let him operate the crane?” he shouted red-faced at me.
“I’m not his boss.” I said harshly back at him. “You ordered the crane; I delivered it,” I added.
“You gave him the keys,” he shouted.
“No, I unloaded the crane and left the keys inside. If you did not want your man in the crane, you should have told him.” I stepped up, toe to toe with him. Being a head shorter than me, he had to look up. I looked down into his eyes.
“Either go away and leave me alone or I’m going to flatten you right here,” I said and  moved my head down until our noses were centimeters apart. He backed off two steps then turned and ran to his office. I hopped into my truck and drove off.

Moving Matter/s

Thursday, September 12, 2013
I was standing on a beach at night facing the ocean. The
full moon hung 30 to 35 degrees from the horizon. By me, to my right and
behind, stood four other
beings and some yards away to the right grouped together, were seven more. We were made up of dark matter,
although we did hold a human shape or outline. The twelve of us stood
as shadows upright in three-dimensional form motionless. 

Anyone looking at us could not have told us apart, having no true features other than our shape. The
group of five I stood in, was in a Cinque pattern, like that of the
five pips on dice. Each of us placed about four feet or less apart with
me standing on the outer left corner closest to the water. The group of
seven to my right held the same pattern but with the extra two standing
outside, north to south, in-line with the middle.  

We did not speak or read each others minds. We
transferred our mental being into the one we wanted to communicate to,
becoming one individual. If there were a need to correspond with the
group, I or we, would just become as one individual mind. This made it
hard to discern if I was an individual among a group of five or a being
with five separate forms. The group of seven I/we could not communicate with.  

There seemed to be a strong will for me/us to head north. My/our form/s were dense casting
long shadows by the moonlight, however, we made no depression in the
sands. The need to travel north caused me/us to dissolve into the sand,
I/we flowed around each gain of sand. Once my/our form/s
had been completely submerged, the sands remained undisturbed. I/we
rose once more but much farther up north of the beach. The group of
seven which had been to my/our right, rose up to
my/our left.

The need to continue north stayed strong in me/us and
again, both groups sank into the undisturbed sand, re-merging some
distance to the
This time both groups were together. Three in front and back with a row
of four in the center staggered between rows. I, as the individual,
kept the outer left corner but all in one mind, I/we confirmed the need
to continue north.  

My/our shadowy form/s
again faded into to the sands. Rising once more to the north, our
pattern was back as before, my five farther to the north then the group
of seven. The pattern and timing of our movements stayed consistent;
five-seven then merge into the sand. Seven- five next merge into the
sand, come back up as one group of twelve. Then start over, always
moving north while facing east.

A Sinking Feeling

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
There was more to this dream, but unfortunately, I can only recall the final part. I had gone out to look at a job for some company I was working for. I had my six-year-old granddaughter with me as I drove through the city of Norfolk in a company truck. Taking slight detours here and there, I showed her the many buildings, bridges and other things I had had a hand in as a crane operator.

Coming out of Norfolk, I took a long one-lane road to a job I was to look at. It was a new road not open to the public as of yet. I drove until the city was out of sight. Nothing lay around us but for blue sky and a surrounding landscape of green fields on both sides.

After some time, the road began to rise slowly, and a blue sea showed up to our left. The rise of the road topped out at about two hundred feet. The shoulders were about fifty feet wide and empty of guard rails. Down the road on the sea side, a city came into view. As we came nearer I could pick out tall buildings and a sea port of many cranes.

“Granddaddy, what city is that?” My granddaughter asked.

“I don’t know.” I answered her, “I’ve never been here before.”

The city looked new. All the cranes and buildings had that new fresh look to them and there was not much traffic in the way of cars.

“Why are we going there?” She asked.

“We’re not, I have a job to look at along the road here.” I told her.

I came upon a scenic overlook to the left and pulled in along side of several other vehicles. My granddaughter and I got out, meeting me in front of the truck she took my hand. We walked over to the edge next to a guardrail and met up with some men in hard hats. These were the contractors I was to be meeting and I introduced myself and granddaughter.

The job had to do with the overlook, but I am not sure what it entailed. Two of the men were crane operators, and pointed over at the new cranes in the port of the city. I joined them along with my granddaughter. She listened as we talked war stories of the different predicaments each of us had been in while operating.

As one man told a story, I looked over at the portal cranes and noticed one of them wobbling. I shouted and pointed; the eyes of the others looked in the direction. The crane along with two others suddenly collapsed.  

The collapse of the cranes shook the port. Buildings and other cranes continued to shake, and briefly I thought they too were collapsing due to their height began to shrink. However, we watched in horror as, the port sank into the earth. The port as a whole, plunged into the depth of the earth while the sea rushed in behind it. Almost instantaneously, the tops of cranes and buildings slid below the water line. Seconds after all had vanished the waters calmed and smoothed.

The city now stood on the sea’s edge, giving no hint that anything had been there before. We were speechless and transfixed on what had just taken place. A few seconds had only slipped by and the city now next to the water, began to shake. No sooner had the shaking started when it, like the port, dropped in the earth and once again was replaced by the sea. In frozen fear, I watched the third section dropped away to be gobble up by earth then water.

Each section that dropped seemed to be about a mile wide while the length was from one end of the city to the other. A forth part shook then dropped. The city was about six miles wide and now the last two parts fell. If the pattern kept going, I knew soon, we also would meet our fate.

The road would drop out from under us as the waters collapsed over our heads, either drowning us or crushing us under its great weight. I looked up and down the road for an escape for my granddaughter and myself, but the road was too long at both ends. The valley that stood between the road, and the city was about two miles wide. I watched as in sequence, a mile of the valley drowned. 

Panic rose in me, and I looked down at my granddaughter. I wondered if perhaps the road may be spared a full sinking due to its height. The last piece of the valley dropped and was overtaken by the waters.

I fell to my knees and wrapped my granddaughter in my arms, regretting ever bringing her with me. The seconds passed, and I turned her from the sight. Holding her, I watched as the section next to use fell away. Seconds later I felt the ground shake, and the road dropped from under us waking me.  

A Night of Rabbits

During this night I had a total of six dreams. The first three you see here are, of course, dealing with rabbits. Dreams four, five and six were about time travel on another world. I will be posting those at a later date.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

In this dream, my wife and I had bought a home in the woods out in the country. The house was a modular home set in a small clearing of a large piece of land. Part of our property in back bordered a shallow swamp. I cleared a path between our home through the woods down to the swamp.

Narrow trees grew in the swamp, well distributed, but close enough so most of their tops shaded the area.  I walked along the waters edge stopping at a thin bodied tree. Holding onto the tree with my left hand, I leaned out over the water. The water was clear, about a foot or less in depth and had a sandy bottom.

Beams of sunlight here and there cut through the trees and glittered on the water. ‘This would be a great place to clean out a spot for the grand-kids to splash around in.’ I thought.

Still leaning over the water I caught a movement out of the left corner of my eyes. I twisted my head in the direction keeping my body still. At first glance, I thought it had been a large dog due to the size. However, it was an enormous wild rabbit of 70-90 pounds, about twenty feet away; it moved slowly in my direction while nibbling at the small patches of grass.

From the rear of the rabbit hopped a baby rabbit. More than likely the larger rabbit’s kit, which took up foraging along side her. The large “mother” rabbit suddenly looked my way. 

I was astonished at the mother rabbit’s size and moved a bit so I could get a better look, hoping not to startle her in the process. Her eyes went wide and locked on me. Instead of bounding off, she approached closer, while the kit remained nibbling at a small patch of grass.

I stood and stepped out into the opening. The mother stopped briefly, within twelve feet of me. Whereas any other wild rabbit would have raced off, she deliberately came my way another two feet then stood on her hind legs.

Standing upright, her head came well above my waist while her ears made her a good six feet tall. I began to get nervous, not only because of her size but also the lack of any fear in her glossy black eyes staring into mine. I had not a clue what to do and stood there frozen hoping she would not pounce on me. After sometime with neither of us moving I woke.

The next two dreams were also of rabbits, but very short.

In dream two, I was walking around the yard where I live now. A wild rabbit perhaps only a few months old came along to my right within a foot or two. As I wandered around the yard, it followed, always staying close by me.

In dream three, I was holding a white rabbit of some 40-50 pounds in my arms. The rabbit had wanted affection and crawled in my arms like a child. I cuddled the rabbit, its lower legs wrapped around my waist while the upper paws wrapped around my shoulders.