Month: October 2013

New Paths

have many reasons for loving my wife. One is, she is always telling
me just how smart I am. What makes me seem intelligent is that I not
only read all the directions, but I file them in a safe place. When I
started, I bought books and read articles on
blogging. I studied the do and don’ts, and numerous reads on “What
makes a successful blogger?” To me, they boiled down to three
items; topic, consistency in posting, and staying on a path. For
those of you that have been with me from the beginning, you know the
last two have been more of a slogan (
did not say I always follow the directions

topic has never wavered nor should ever change; that is why I started
this. It is about me, my dreams and their effects on my life. I have
hoped that along the way some of you have become interested in your
own also.

consistency—I’ll try harder. The easiest part of this blog is just
writing down my dream and posting. The hard part is finding the time
to write it all out. Expandurmind is a hobby and I have to place
family, work and a few other things first. That leaves…

on the path. I have enjoyed this blog to no end and the followers I
have accumulated along the way. You have stuck by me through all the
twists, turns and mistakes of this strange and long path. In the long
run, this is about my growth and travels. To further my growth while
more follow me along the way I need a wider and newer path, so here
we go…,
the web site!

October 24, 2012

(Unconscious dream )

am standing in a valley surrounded by mountains. The mountains are
not as large as they normally would be, however, they are too tall to
call them foothills. The valley contains a small town. From where I
stand I can make out a little church and general store off in the
short distance. Small well built homes are sparsely scattered
throughout the valley. My attention goes back to the mountains
surrounding me. Each mountain is covered in bright green foliage.

the base of each Mountain also runs a wide path to the top. Every
path is well worn from those that have gone before me. Although I am
planning to take the paths to the top of every mountain, my goal is
not making it to the top, but that’s where it starts. I cannot see
the other side of the mountain; however, I know that each mountain
has multiple paths running back down to its base.

goal is to make it back down each mountain using one of the less
friendly paths. These paths are not as wide, worn or safe as the ones
leading to the top. I head for the mountain right in front of me and
begin my hike. The path is more or less terraced. Only because of the
long hike and the numerous steps I have to take do I become tired.
After some time, I have made my way to the top. No trees or tall
foliage grows here, but it is covered in lush green grass. I stand
for a while and look beyond the horizon. There are many more
mountains as far as I can see. However, my main goal is just to
tackle the ones outlining the valley.

Standing on the peak, I look
down the opposite side. A narrow path leads into the woods. I begin
my descent and as I enter the woods, the path splits in different
directions. I pick one and follow. This side of the mountain has more
of a slope and pine needles cover the ground, making my descent even
harder. Every now and then, the path splits again reminding me of a
maze. Once in a while the path will dead-end, and I have to back

At some point, I had to use the
branches on the trees to keep from sliding down. The descent never
seemed dangerous, just frustrating. Once I had made it to the base of
my first mountain the descent had tired me out more than the climb.
My shirt and pants had rips throughout them from catching on some of
the limbs. I began my walk over to the next mountain and immediately
started my climb to the top. Reaching the summit, I briefly rested
then began my descent down.

I made it through three
mountains and my fourth seemed taller than the last three. At the
base, next to the path I planned on taking, grew a tall tree that
reached hundreds of feet up to the top of the mountain. I could have
gotten my arms around the trunk due to its narrowness. Unlike other
trees, the branches of this one started out shorter at the bottom,
then got longer going up. The growth of the limbs followed the slope
of the mountain.

Between the tree and foot of the
mountain stood three booths, each large enough to hold a full-size
adult. The booths had cables attached to their tops, and these were
attached far above to winches. The winches were mounted on a single
limb stretched out over the mountain. I then realized the booths were
elevators. Whether the elevators worked, they still would have a gap
of several yards between them and the mountains edge. Even if I did
take one, would it be cheating?

As I sized up the elevators,
three men walked up toward me. One of the men seemed to be leading
the two others. The man in front was about my age with a thick black
beard and mustache. The two men in tow favored him but much younger,
my guess these were his sons. Stepping up to me the elder man asked,

you taking the elevators to the top?”

not sure?” I responded, explaining to him my goal.

replied back,

is our goal also. It doesn’t matter how we get to the top it’s the
descent that matters. May we go ahead of you?” he asked.

Please,” I stated
stepping back away from the elevators. The man stepped inside one,
and it began a quick climb. The two young men followed suit, and
theirs climbed one behind the other. Once the elevators neared the
top, their weight started to bend the tree over until the elevators
stopped within inches from the top at the mountain’s edge. All three
men stepped out, and the tree gradually straightened back.

The elevators quickly dropped
down and settled onto the ground. I was too nervous to take any of
them and decided to climb to the top. I had only made it up a short
distance when I had to rest. I found a thick patch of grass and
stepped into it. I lay down on my back looking into the blue sky. It
was such a relaxing feeling throughout my body I fell asleep. I came
to later in my own bed.

Day of the Dragonfly

 My  non-lucid dreams are the ones I always analyze. These dreams usually hold a subconscious answer to a question I am looking for. In analyzing, dreams dictionaries have most of the interpretations for the symbols. One small problem is that most symbols carry more than one definition, usually a positive description and a negative one. Some are easy; others take a comparison of other symbols in the dream to find the correct interpretation. Then sometimes you just have to throw out the dictionary and go with option three, what does the dream mean or represent to you?   

When it comes to my dreams containing dragonflies, my subconscious always places them as positive. The reason goes back some years ago. Like any adolescent, there are those hard emotional down times. During a part of my adolescence we lived on a 40-acre piece of land. Our home stood on the front along the road while behind the house ran 10 acres of field surrounded by 30 acres of thick woods.   

Along with fish and mosquitoes, two ponds in the woods produced an unbelievable number of dragonflies. Until we moved to this place, I had no idea just how many colors, there were of them. In no exaggeration, there had to be millions of these creatures. They flew and skimmed over the high grass creating an intense cloud of colors. The walk through the grass into the woods took time. Reaching the edge of the woods, I would be covered from head to toe in these delightful animals.   

It became a habit during some of my emotional low points to walk around in the field. The flashing chrome colors whizzing by and the comfort of their company always washed away any depression. From that time on the dragonfly has been held as my spirit animal. Any time they occupy my dreams, it is a good omen.   

Friday, October 11, 2013
The sky was a bright blue without a cloud to be seen. My surroundings consisted of a quiet road that held a few small but well aged homes. Off in the distance, a low range of foot hills rose in the horizon; I may have been out in the country somewhere. I noticed that a few large colorful dragonflies skimmed through the air. They dipped down just as they flew over, all of them heading in the same direction, toward the foot hills.

I followed their path with my eyes. They had only gone a few yards when they would bank hard to the right and through the door of a wooden shed. The shed was roughly eight feet by eight feet and stood about eight feet high; it had two doors. One door faced me placing the opening parallel with the road. The other door stood open at the rear. From the opening facing me, I could see selves lining the wall. They were near empty with dust-covered cans, about the size of coffee cans on a couple of them. I went for the back door because that was where the dragonflies were going in.   

As I rounded the rear and looked inside, three dragonflies; blue, green and red hovered. They were in the process of devouring some large mosquitoes. Once the mosquitoes had been eaten, the dragonflies flew deeper into the shed. I stepped inside and along the back wall diving and swooping were hundreds of golden dragonflies. I walked to within a couple of feet of them and stopped. They all suddenly flew between the open side door and me. They faced the rear door and hovered in placed. I turned looking at the door, and several more mosquitoes came through.   

I expected the mosquitoes to be over-whelmed by the dragonflies next to me instead; three more dragonflies came in behind the mosquitoes and devoured them. Like the first three they, were red, blue and green. The three then flew in between the other gold dragonflies where they also went from their colors to gold. As soon as their colors changed, all of them hovered in a cube shape. I could feel the tiny air currents from their wings as they remained, hovering in place, facing the rear door. 

I quickly counted and found a row of eight across each side and eight rows high. They made a lighting fast swirl around me. Coming to rest back by my side, they kept their cube shape. Even without direct sunlight their gold skin and wings sparkled brightly. I counted the rows again coming up with 8 x 8 x 8 waking just after.   

“Numbers in dreams may sometimes not appear directly. Sometimes, numbers can be presented in the number of characters, number of objects, or an action that is repeated a certain number of times. Usually, you want to stick with the basic numbers (1 through 9) when trying to decipher the meaning of multiple digit numbers. For example, the number “1965” could mean the year 1965. But you can also add up the digits until you get one number. Thus 1965 –> 1+9+6+5 = 21 –> 2+1 = 3.”-

The dragonflies and the shed;
8 x 8 x 8 = 512

“Eight stands for power, authority, success, karma, material gains, regeneration, and wealth. When the number eight appears in your dream, trust your instincts and intuition.”

The dream may leave some scratching their head but shows me that I am on the right path to an idea I am  bringing to life. If I can get the time in this following week, it will be unveiled this coming weekend.

Ups and Down’s

I place a lot of thought into my titles, using a play on words or a description of something in the dream. Rarely I may use a title that gives away the ending however, the reader is unaware until that end. Like the title here, it is the meaning behind the dream that I have deciphered using various dream dictionary’s. I would encourage everyone that recall their dreams, to take the time to analyze them.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
I found myself walking through what looked like a city park. Groves of trees grew throughout the park surrounded by a freshly cut field of green grass. My stroll took me inside one of the thick groves. Just as I stepped in, I saw a path laid out in brightly lit stones. My eyes adjusted to the shade, the stones became actually patches of light. By the sun’s rays shining between the leaves from the trees, the patch work created a path. I followed the path a short distance which ended at a wide but stout structure.   

The structure sat in a small opening between the trees. It had an unblemished oval shape whose color was close to an antique white. I walked around seeing no signs of an entrance or windows until the other side. As I came to the other side, I saw an entrance, a rectangular port almost four feet wide by nearly seven feet high.   
I peered inside. Unable to see the full interior, I stepped up and into the entrance. The interior was an inverted shape of the outer shell but for a bulge running through the middle. This protruded from the wall about a foot and close to three feet wide. My eyes followed it over to the left where a woman stood next to a table or podium with her back to me.   

The woman stood somewhere around five-five or five- six with a stocky build. She had short thick curly blond hair. Her attire was a light-brown business suit in the form of a blouse, jacket and skirt that hung just below her knees. She was looking down at the podium that held a single joy stick. In front of the podium, embedded into the wall, a screen six feet wide ran from the floor to ceiling. The screen held no picture and looked more like part of the wall itself had been framed out.   

“Hello.” I said in a soft voice as not to startle her. She looked over at me.
“Hi.” She said, “Is this your ship?” 

“Ship?” I asked looking around. “This is a ship?”

“Of course. You couldn’t tell from the outside?”

The color and texture made me think it was only a building. However, the shape did resemble a flying saucer.

“I think it’s some building that just looks like a flying saucer. I bet it is a play area for kids.” Pointing at the joystick on the podium.

“That’s what I thought until I stepped over here.” She motioned to the spot she stood then pointed at the area to her left for me. I walked over and stood next to her. Something grabbed my attention, and I noticed the screen came on.  
The screen displayed the outside area as if we were standing at the foot of a large panel of glass. The woman then pointed to the bulge. The bulge ran along the perimeter of the interior, the only break being the screen set into the wall. It now projected the outside with such clarity, that it looked as if the ship was separate into two parts. Furthermore, the entrance had vanished.  
I turned back to the woman.

“I’m sure this is just some kind of simulation for kids or adults to enjoy. There is a carnival on the other side of the woods and this must be part of it.” I explained to her. I looked at the podium that held the single joystick. 

“Have you tried the joystick?” I asked. The woman threw up both her hands.

“No, I am not touching anything.” She stated firmly.

“It’s probably just for the screen. There may be a camera outside it controls.” I assured her. 

I reached down, giving the joystick a nudge forward with my index finger; nothing happened. I bent down and inspected the controller. It was a tall rectangular shape with rounded corners. The front of the controller held a trigger. On cranes with a similar device, the trigger had to be pulled in order to activate the lever. A safety measure so that if the operator let go, the crane’s operation would stop.   

I re-grasp the joystick and pulled in the switch. I gave the smallest amount of pressure forward. The view outside seem to move closer just by an inch or two and a low electrical humming filled the room, almost like something was being strained. I pulled back and the view in front shifted away by the same inch or two, but the straining sound continued. I let go of the joystick, and the humming stopped.   

“What was all that?” The woman wondered.

“I believe,” I answered her, “the ship wanted to move but it’s stuck on the ground.”

I held the controller one again. I eased up on the lever and suddenly without any warning the trees seem to dip down, and we were surrounded by the color blue. I released the joystick and just caught sight of the park and surrounding city. Briefly, the entire horizon seemed to bob up and down like a cork on rippling water.   

I took a long look through the screen. The ship had risen five hundred feet or more into the sky and now remained still. Below and half a mile or more lay the small carnival. People were packed around the games and rides, but I was too far away to tell if anyone had noticed us.   
The woman continued to look out also. My eyes searched around the ship for any changes.

“It’s defiantly an alien ship.” I stated. The woman pulled her gaze from the screen and over to me.

“It may not be alien but something classified someone has invented.” She said.
“No way.” I laughed, “We shot up a few hundred feet in a fraction of a second. That kind of pressure should have crushed us. This ship not on
ly has some kind of anti-gravity drive but some way of keeping the inside from being effected by the natural forces of gravity.” 

“I want back on the ground and to get the hell out of here.” She demanded of me.

“I don’t know how easy that can be. I may smash us to bits on the ground. Besides, if I can land safety, the pilot may catch us leaving and I don’t know what will happen to us.” I told her.

“Then land us somewhere else. I just want out of here.” Although she did not seem scared, her demands were becoming very aggressive. 

“Let me see if I can bring us down at an angle. That would get us away from the landing spot and maybe I’ll have better control.” I gripped the joystick in both hands in hope of steadying my control. As I nudged the stick forward, it also caused a downward pressure on the stick. 

The craft bolted forward and down. In a flash, the Ferris-wheel in the center of the carnival seemed to be coming through the screen, and I released the joystick expecting a collision. The movement was so quick; I am not sure if the craft stopped because I let go or some safety mechanism kicked in to stop the ship. Whatever it was, the ships front stopped within a couple of feet of the Ferris-wheel, and the rear dropped down. This left the craft hanging vertically parallel with the ride.   

Whatever force manipulated the gravity inside, the woman and I stood in place as if the ship had never moved. Even inside it was as if we were still horizontal. The screen in front of us shone nothing but the blue sky. The bulged screen, however, shone a view of the ship and Ferris-wheel from somewhere outside.   
The view allowed us to see the ship from about fifty to sixty feet out. Looking at the port side view, I saw the port side of the ship as it hung next to the Ferris-wheel. 

We only were idled here for a couple of seconds. I thought I was looking at a still picture due to the lack of movement from the crowd. Then I noticed the Ferris-wheel was rotating. At that instant, the crowds initial shock wore off and all at once the people went wild. People ran over top one another trying to get away. I saw that the people on the Ferris-wheel began sliding to the far side of their seats getting as much distance as possible. 

Before long, the fear would drive some of them to jump. Fearing for their safety, I had to get the ship out of the area. I quickly grabbed the joystick and pushed forward. The carnival and surrounding area dropped away as if something had suddenly snatched it from under us. I let go of the stick halting the craft some two miles or more above the earth. Although my and the woman’s sensation was still on a horizontal plane, the craft had remained vertical. I had yet to try the side-to-side motion of the joystick and pulled it a fraction to the left. The only way I could tell we were moving was the ground far below passing by. Once again, I brought the ship to a stop, and the woman commented.   

“How are we going to land with the ship in a vertical position like this.” She asked.

“The ship has some short of automatic braking system. It didn’t go vertical until we had to stop for the Ferris-wheel. I’m sure if I try to land, it will stop on the ground horizontally.”

She said nothing else, and I reached for the joystick. Suddenly, music started playing far off somewhere. As it played it became louder or maybe closer. We looked around trying to determine where it was coming from. I had heard the tune many times, then it came to me.  

“It’s my alarm.” I said looking at the woman. “This is all just a dream.” I added. 
I opened my eyes and reached over, shutting off my alarm.


Monday, October 7,
Dedicated to my youngest grandson Mason, who just took his
first crawl tonight.
Happy Birthday to his father
Jonathan, my oldest son. What a priceless Birthday gift you have
With all my love,

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I dreamed that I was in
the mist of some large event. The sun was up in all its glory in a
blue cloudless sky. Although it was not elbow to elbow, there was a
thick crowd of people walking about. I looked around to see if I
could figure out what the celebration was. There was no music or loud
noise other then the chatter of perhaps hundreds of people.

I heard a small voice cut through the crowd. I looked around me and
noticed a small infant wobbling toward me. The child looked no more
then three to four months old but made his way toward me on two fat
little legs. He came up to me and held out his arms. I reached down
and picked him up. He clung to my neck.

As I held him in my arms I pulled his face away from my shoulder so I
could get a better look at him. It was Mason, my newest grandchild.

He said once again. “The couple that was watching over me, lost
me so I came looking for you.”

I was amazed that not
only was he walking and talking but he remembered me. I had not see
him since he was two weeks old. I clung to him just as tight as he
clung to me and began looking around for his parents, my son and
daughter-in-law. I looked as I walked through the crowd, knowing that
finding anyone in particular would be almost impossible.

“How did you get
here?” I asked. His little head resting on my shoulder he said,
“Dad and mom’s friends wanted to bring me with them to this
event. They set me down in the grass while they talked then walked
off without me. I went looking for them when I found you.”

I was concerned that the
people that had lost my grandson would run into me and try and take
him back. In no way that was going to happen. I knew of a female
friend that lived nearby and went to her apartment. From there I
could make some calls trying to locate my son and daughter-in-law. At
the apartment, I knocked upon the door several times but know one
answered. I tried the door and found it unlocked. I went inside and
made myself at home.

Although Mason had
fallen asleep, he still hung around my neck. I sat down with him in a
large chair. Shortly the woman came in, and I explained what had all
happened. She found most of my stories of Mason’s events made up. I
told her as soon as he awoke, I would prove it to her. We stood there
looking at one another waiting for Mason to awaken.