Day of the Dragonfly

 My  non-lucid dreams are the ones I always analyze. These dreams usually hold a subconscious answer to a question I am looking for. In analyzing, dreams dictionaries have most of the interpretations for the symbols. One small problem is that most symbols carry more than one definition, usually a positive description and a negative one. Some are easy; others take a comparison of other symbols in the dream to find the correct interpretation. Then sometimes you just have to throw out the dictionary and go with option three, what does the dream mean or represent to you?   

When it comes to my dreams containing dragonflies, my subconscious always places them as positive. The reason goes back some years ago. Like any adolescent, there are those hard emotional down times. During a part of my adolescence we lived on a 40-acre piece of land. Our home stood on the front along the road while behind the house ran 10 acres of field surrounded by 30 acres of thick woods.   

Along with fish and mosquitoes, two ponds in the woods produced an unbelievable number of dragonflies. Until we moved to this place, I had no idea just how many colors, there were of them. In no exaggeration, there had to be millions of these creatures. They flew and skimmed over the high grass creating an intense cloud of colors. The walk through the grass into the woods took time. Reaching the edge of the woods, I would be covered from head to toe in these delightful animals.   

It became a habit during some of my emotional low points to walk around in the field. The flashing chrome colors whizzing by and the comfort of their company always washed away any depression. From that time on the dragonfly has been held as my spirit animal. Any time they occupy my dreams, it is a good omen.   

Friday, October 11, 2013
The sky was a bright blue without a cloud to be seen. My surroundings consisted of a quiet road that held a few small but well aged homes. Off in the distance, a low range of foot hills rose in the horizon; I may have been out in the country somewhere. I noticed that a few large colorful dragonflies skimmed through the air. They dipped down just as they flew over, all of them heading in the same direction, toward the foot hills.

I followed their path with my eyes. They had only gone a few yards when they would bank hard to the right and through the door of a wooden shed. The shed was roughly eight feet by eight feet and stood about eight feet high; it had two doors. One door faced me placing the opening parallel with the road. The other door stood open at the rear. From the opening facing me, I could see selves lining the wall. They were near empty with dust-covered cans, about the size of coffee cans on a couple of them. I went for the back door because that was where the dragonflies were going in.   

As I rounded the rear and looked inside, three dragonflies; blue, green and red hovered. They were in the process of devouring some large mosquitoes. Once the mosquitoes had been eaten, the dragonflies flew deeper into the shed. I stepped inside and along the back wall diving and swooping were hundreds of golden dragonflies. I walked to within a couple of feet of them and stopped. They all suddenly flew between the open side door and me. They faced the rear door and hovered in placed. I turned looking at the door, and several more mosquitoes came through.   

I expected the mosquitoes to be over-whelmed by the dragonflies next to me instead; three more dragonflies came in behind the mosquitoes and devoured them. Like the first three they, were red, blue and green. The three then flew in between the other gold dragonflies where they also went from their colors to gold. As soon as their colors changed, all of them hovered in a cube shape. I could feel the tiny air currents from their wings as they remained, hovering in place, facing the rear door. 

I quickly counted and found a row of eight across each side and eight rows high. They made a lighting fast swirl around me. Coming to rest back by my side, they kept their cube shape. Even without direct sunlight their gold skin and wings sparkled brightly. I counted the rows again coming up with 8 x 8 x 8 waking just after.   

“Numbers in dreams may sometimes not appear directly. Sometimes, numbers can be presented in the number of characters, number of objects, or an action that is repeated a certain number of times. Usually, you want to stick with the basic numbers (1 through 9) when trying to decipher the meaning of multiple digit numbers. For example, the number “1965” could mean the year 1965. But you can also add up the digits until you get one number. Thus 1965 –> 1+9+6+5 = 21 –> 2+1 = 3.”-

The dragonflies and the shed;
8 x 8 x 8 = 512

“Eight stands for power, authority, success, karma, material gains, regeneration, and wealth. When the number eight appears in your dream, trust your instincts and intuition.”

The dream may leave some scratching their head but shows me that I am on the right path to an idea I am  bringing to life. If I can get the time in this following week, it will be unveiled this coming weekend.


  1. Thank you Andrea,
    This is a site I was not familiar with but definitely comes in handy. I appreciate your time in forwarding this information to me.

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