Month: December 2013


Friday, December 27, 2013; OBE

I was standing on a shoreline looking over an ocean. The water was calm and clear. The Sun that was setting on the horizon was much smaller than Earth’s Sol and was brilliant white. I could see the star actually sliding down the sky; this had to be due to the quick rotation of the planet.

The light of the star not only bounced hard off the water’s surface but filled the depths down to hundreds of feet, if not miles. It wasn’t a clear view but a hazy, beautiful, almost light blue. The light even came up to the shore, giving me a moment of confusion. The water line of a shore usually appears to wash over the beach, but here it looked as if the shoreline was washing over the water.

I was several yards away from the water’s edge, so I walked over to get a better look. As I neared it, I could start to see the underside of the shore. Only feet away, I now saw that this shoreline was not made up of water but glass. I heard the crunch of the sand as I stepped onto the surface. I bent down and ran my hand across the material. The feel was hot and solid.

I looked to the east and all I saw was a vast low desert. I stood up and faced the dropping sun. As the star touched the horizon, its light was magnified a hundred times through the glassy ocean. The light became blindingly bright, causing me to jerk my hands over my eyes.

I squinted into the glaring light. The star had completely set and the brilliance of it exploded into such brightness, that it pierced through my closed eyelids. Turning my back to the star, I opened my eyes only to find myself once again in my room.

Let me break it down for you.

My unconscious dreams usually hold some meaning such as an answer or an awareness I have overlooked; in this dream it’s the second. It takes me some time to decipher the answer because I break the dream down. When going through my dreams I factor in people, places and things. Numbers are important also because they represent so much. If something has an odd or overwhelming color, that is a clue to checking the color’s meaning.

One person I talked with only looked up what she thought was the most important parts of her dreams. One dream she had mentioned brought a negative outcome about her personality. She left out the numbers of objects and their unusual colors she had seen. After I broke it down further for her, the meaning gave a more positive outlook.

I have broken my dreams down for you before in posts, but I would like to give you an example of how I dissect them. Give it a try, but if what you are doing now works for you, stick with it!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013, (unconscious dream)

I stepped out onto my front porch taking in the surrounding weather. It was a beautiful day sometime in the spring or summer. It was morning time due to the sun being a few degrees from the horizon in the east. I walked down into the yard around to the east side of my home. Coming around the corner, I noticed two crows made a nest on the ground. Between the two huddled two nestling’s.

As I came upon the birds, startling them, the parent crows flew off while the nestling’s hopped from the nest. With each bound the nestling’s flapped their little wings frantically trying to fly. I was upset that I had startled them and tried my best to corral them back to the nest. The birds found the way under the bushes along my house. I left them alone in hopes that once I was gone, they would settle back in their nest.

Proceeding to walk back to the front of the house, I glanced down and noticed a movement in the nest. One side of the nest was covered in fur. I reached into the nest and stroked the furry surface. The fur quivered violently. I snatched my hand back and took a better look at what I had just touched. Instead of running, the animal, which turned out to be a small raccoon, curled up tightly inside of a hole it had borrowed into the side of the nest. We had been having a problem with one or two raccoons in the house, to the extent of bringing in an exterminator.

This must be where it or they were going when they wanted to hide,” I guessed. For some unknown reason I stood and walked back into the house ending the dream.

In the morning when I had time, I jotted the dream down and quickly looked up the meaning behind raccoon. I then posted it to my twitter account. Later when I had a chance to look up the meanings, it seemed raccoon did not make sense. Thievery, secrets and deceit were what I was looking at. This was not in my character nor anyone I would associate myself with.

I never did see the raccoon’s face so perhaps I was wrong. Seeing raccoons in the yard may have made me think of them; however, we had had a problem with a rat and had called an exterminator. So I went with the rat and found it better suited the meanings.

I start from the beginning of the dream and run the course. Each of the following symbols holds multiple meanings. Instead of filling up pages of quoted text, I picked out what best describes me, and the events in the dream, discarding things not associated.

Crow; The crow may be conveying a message from your subconscious. For more clues, pay attention to what the animal was doing or any particular characteristic that stood out. –  (When the crows felt threatened, they fled the nest/their home.)

I looked up the number four because there had been four crows but only one of everything else. Four; Order or organization in your life—perhaps you have it, or you could use more of it. –The Curious Dreamer

Four; Also the four elements (earth, wind, fire and water). –

Nest; To see a nest in your dream signifies comfort, safety,

Rat; Resourcefulness, easily adaptable, or a survivalist. For those of you who do not know me personally, I am a prepper (I don’t have any underground bunkers or a stash of weapons but, I am prepared for most emergencies).

For more clues, pay attention to what the animal was doing or any particular characteristic that stood out.- The Curious Dreamer

While others where fleeing, the rat was “hunkering down” in its nest/home. I had touched the rat, running my finger across its soft fur. Because of that sensation of touch, I looked up fur.

Pelt or fur; Protection from or fear of an undesirable social experiences or harsh environment.

A need to feel powerful over one’s environment. Primitive attempt at self-preservation. This explains my prepper personality.

The message (crows); my subconscious is trying to tell me something. There could be a few things here; 1) A couple of days before the dream, a water main broke down the street. Through the night time, bitter cold and rain, our city crew had the pipe dug up and replaced in just a few hours. As a prepper, my home (nest) is the first line of defense should any type of emergency arise. My subconscious may have been telling me to check my Pantry. This would be my family’s life line should we have to hunker down (rat) during some emergency.

Upon my inspection, I found we were low in one item, water (four). I was slacking up and needed to be more organized (four). Unconsciously, my mind knew where I needed improvement.

2) This may leave some rolling their eyes, but stranger things have come about from my dreams. Just suppose like animals that flee right before a natural disaster, our minds pick up on the same experience.

Crows; conveying a message from the subconscious (the dream).

As I approached (a threat), the crows flee their home.

The Rat (me), in the same area as the crows stays in his nest/home.

Myself (the threat) touches the rats pelt (Protection from undesirable social experiences or harsh environment. Primitive attempt at self-preservation). Afterward I left, leaving the Rat unharmed because he stayed safe in his home.

Then there is option;

3) The water, may be a coincidence. The warning that some catastrophe may be near, a figment of my imagination and the entire dream, just a dream. I leave it up to you, the reader.


After interpreting the following dream, I found it held a lot of positive meanings. I won’t go into all of them here for fear of ‘tooting my own horn’. The title of the dream is the meaning and what was taking place at the end. It kind of places a road block in front of the positive meanings until I can find a way to remove it.

Don’t worry, I will not leave you in the dark; that meaning is placed at the end of the dream.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I was standing in a white room. The room seemed to be a perfect cube with about twelve-foot dimensions. It was totally empty; the only thing in the room was myself and a door. With nothing to see or do in the room, I went over to the door and pulled it open. Outside was a larger room in an octagon shape; each side of the octagon held a door in the middle. In the center of the room was a rail that circled an opening about 12 feet wide. In the center of the opening, a shaft possibly six inches in diameter ran upward to matching floors, and downward to more of the same octagon shaped floors.

I stepped out of the doorway onto the deck that ran around the room. The deck was about six feet wide which I crossed to the handrail. Looking down I saw an exact duplicate octagon room with the doors in each wall, another deck below that and so on. I could have been looking at hundreds if not thousands of stories that seem to have no end. I looked above me to see the same, another endless series of floors towering up out of my sight.

Across the floor I was on, the rail opened up with a narrow walk that connected to a disk that clung around the pole. The disk was definitely made to stand on while holding onto the pole. As I made my way across the room to the opening in the rail, I checked each room’s interior. All were the same 12 x12 cubes, empty and white.

I made my way to the opened rail and gently stepped onto the short walkway that connected to the disk. It held my weight and I quickly moved onto the disk and took the pole in both my hands. Immediately, the walkway pulled away and out of sight into the flooring. Once the walkway was gone, the disk began to move downward.

As the descent began it was slow enough that I did not feel the downward sensation, it did, however, pick up speed. I had passed several floors when I bent over to look below. In doing this, I took my right hand off while still holding on with my left. The disk came to a stop level with the floor of the room. As soon as it stopped, a walkway extended from the floor out to connect with the disk.

I took the walkway over to the floor that circled the room. I walked over to each door pushing it open to the same white empty room. Once I completed the checks I left the deck to walk back over to the disk. This time nothing happened as I stood there; I then realized that I was only holding on with one hand. I placed both hands around the shaft, and the walkway pulled back into the floor. The disk began its descent.

I allowed the drop to continue for at least a dozen or more floors but noticed upon passing each floor that the disk’s descent sped up. I released my right hand from the shaft. The disk came to an almost instant stop lining up with the floor. Once the walkway extended out, I stood on the disk momentarily contemplating the stop. I never felt the sudden deceleration. I pondered this briefly then walked over to the floor and took the tour around the deck finding the same rooms as all the others.

Back out on the disk, I held on with both hands and once again began my downward journey. I passed by dozens upon dozens of floors allowing the disk to build speed until the floors became a blur. I released a hand, and it came to an impossible stop without any effects on me. The walkway met the disk, and again; I explored this deck knowing I would and did find the same eight rooms.

Back on the disk I continued down. I wondered how it would be possible to go up, seeing how the disk had no controls. The shaft held none either, but then it struck me; the shaft was dropping also. All along the thought was that the disk moved along the shaft. If that were the case, then my hands should have been sliding across the surface.

Another thought came to me. Keeping both hands on the shaft I leaned over and looked down. Because there had been no sensation of dropping downward, the floors looked to be rushing up and past me. I also noticed that I felt no air current nor had my hair been blown wildly about. All of this could only mean one thing; I was not moving downward; the passageway with its thousands of floors, was moving up.

I released a hand from the pole and the rooms came to a stop. The walkway came out but I did not use it; there was no use —I already knew what I would find. I placed both hands on the pole and the rooms began moving upward. I continued standing there as their speed ever increased. The speed grew to the point that the floors could no longer be seen, but looked to be almost a solid wall around me. There had to be an end or at least a beginning to this place, so I rode it out until sometime during the trip, I awoke.