Month: February 2014

Current Lucidity

If you are carried away by a tidal wave, then it means you are ready to make a brand new start in a new place.”

Monday, March 11, 1996; (Lucid dreaming)

My wife and I, along with two of our sons and their half-brother, were playing along the seawall in our back yard. From hours of playing we became tired and sat on the neighbor’s seawall next door. We watched waves splashing against the wall. After some time, we noticed that the waves began to grow larger.

I thought it might be best to get to the house as the waves were cresting the top of the wall. We all stood and were suddenly shocked by the sight of a ten-foot wave that was coming at us. I yelled for everyone to run to the house. My wife and sons started to run, but their half-brother stayed on the wall. I stepped over, grabbing him up into my arms. I ran through the neighbor’s yard alongside his house. I glanced back to see the wave only a couple of yards behind us.

As I came up on the left side of his house, I looked to my backyard. From the left of my yard crashing down toward me, came a wave twenty feet in height. The two waves clashed together, swooping me and the boy up, then began receding back into the river carrying the two of us. Just as we were nearing the seawall, I grabbed the bush next to it and held on. The water rushed over us fast and hard. Although my grip on the boy was secure, I felt my hand slipping on the bush. Thoughts of where my wife and sons were filled my head, but I seemed strangely calm.

I should have been racked in fear but then lucidity came to me, and I knew I was dreaming. My hand held tight to the bush now, and I felt the pressure of the water rushing by. In all my water dreams, the more treacherous the water, the more fun I have. Even in non-lucid dreams, waves many stories high never cause any harm. I sucked the water in my lungs knowing I had nothing to fear. My body rocked with the currents, and I soon awoke.


One thing I rarely keep in my journals is what I eat throughout the day. I guess I should seeing how some foods can induce dreams. Looking back to the day of this dream and a couple of days before, I find no evidence of what brought it on. All I have is at the ending of the dream. It could have been just a nightmare but looking at the symptoms of when I awoke, I have a feeling it may have been brought on by celery. FYI, I have severe food intolerance for celery. It won’t kill me; it just makes it feel that way.

Sunday, June 2, 2002; (conscious dreaming )

I was living in a large colony on the moon. While I was with a group of people inside one of the glass domes, a strange-looking craft came into view heading toward earth. The ship was alien and in four sections. Three outer sections were triangular cylinders, perhaps a hundred miles or wider and hundreds of miles long.

About every one hundred miles apart, a thick ring intersected all three cylinders at the outer tips. At the end of the ship, mounted inside the three cylinders was a sphere maybe two hundred miles in diameter. The entire ship was deep red with no markings, lines or portals, just a smooth and unblemished surface. It took a good while for the thing to pass completely over us. We stood in silence as the ship seemed to come to an orbit directly between the moon and earth. The sphere end pointed toward the moon. Still watching from our spot under the dome, we saw a pulse of light come from one of the cylinders.

A bright flash lit up a small spot on the earth then went brown. There were several screams and someone shouted,

“Oh God, they’re attacking the cities.”

“They’re coming out of the sphere for us!” someone else screamed.

I looked at the sphere, and tiny holes were lit up around it. Then I noticed small ships coming out in lines and heading our way.

As the crafts neared, I saw earth shuttles launching from the surface of the moon. No sooner had they lifted off than beams leaped from the strange craft destroying our shuttles before getting yards off the ground. Still too far out, I could not identify the looks of the alien craft. However, I saw, as did others the destruction of other domes in the distance.

The only thing, the others and I on the moon could do was to suit up and run from the moon bases. On the surface, the ships blasted our homes apart. After the last base had been taken out, the ships could have left us to die on the surface but instead took it upon themselves to finish us off.

Those running in groups were the first to go, while those of us running alone were bombarded by the rocks and boulders that rain downed on us. I was soon caught up in the debris and covered over by rock. It seemed to take hours digging myself out. Once free, I saw that the attacks had stopped and looking across the void in space, I could see the large ship had stopped firing on the earth. I started looking for survivors and found one man.

He said the battle had been over for some time and that there were no bases left on the moon. We found an earth craft in good condition and went inside. With no way of replenishing our oxygen, we had to make it back to earth. We sailed through space aiming for earth, but our craft was pulled toward the alien ship.

We landed in an enormous bay within the ship. The door to our craft opened, and a large crab like claw reached in and nabbed the man. As he fought and screamed, I dashed out, not looking back. I ran through the ship and hid. I ran down several wide corridors then rushed out onto an open deck. To my right was a stack of what looked to be blue blocks, roughly five feet square. They were not stacked neatly, and a couple at the bottom were pulled away from the wall. I jumped behind them squeezing in as far as I could go. I heard loud clicking coming nearer and stayed still until it passed. I took a peek from around one of the blocks. One of the aliens walked by, and I got a good look at the creature.

The alien resembled an earth-like blue crab. The alien was ten to twelve feet wide and rose about seven feet high. It had one long narrow claw about six feet in length while the other claw was half that and much thicker. After it passed I had a chance to look at my surroundings. This corridor was one of the triangular parts of the ship. It ran for miles as far as I could see. The other side also was miles away. Across from me ran a wall about three feet high. I looked down and one sight froze me in place.

There were many things that held my attention but the worst was another alien. Although this alien had the same form, the color was a dull red like that of the ship’s surface. The size had to be hundreds of times larger, at least over a quarter mile wide. It stood in one place with its body vertical. The mouth held triangular rows of teeth like that of a shark. Covering the teeth and edges of its mouth were bright- ed blood and meat. Running level to within yards of the alien’s mouth was a conveyor belt. The belt ran off to my left where it originated from a very large building several stories high. The conveyor belt was close to one hundred feet wide or more. The belt rotation ran from the building to the alien’s mouth and on the belt was a range of earth animals.

The animals seemed to be from the continent of Africa standing one behind the other. Rhinos, elephants, giraffes, lions and many more standing yards apart stood in place acting confused or drugged. The sickening part was the conveyor brought each of these animals one at a time to the large alien. At the conveyor belt’s end, the alien would pluck the animal off with its short claw. I watched as it clasped a lion around the neck and lifted it over its mouth. It dropped the lion down. The lion was caught in the first set of teeth. Instead of the mouth chomping up and down it was a side-to-side motion. This allowed the animal to be continually sliced into smaller pieces. When an elephant came up, it too was grasped around the neck and lifted. Because of its size, the alien’s larger claw swung up and clipped the elephant in half.

I became sick to my stomach watching the backside drop away followed by most of the animal’s insides. Once devoured, it released the upper half. The giraffe was next but what caught my eye was behind the giraffe. The man who had been with me and dragged from the ship stood waiting his turn. His feet remained planted while his torso and arms weaved around like a man drunk. The claw wrapped around his neck, and he too went the way of the other creatures. My panic suddenly rose seeing what was to become of the earth’s inhabitants and me. I began to run toward the right along the wall not knowing where to go. As I passed the large alien, another sight stopped me.

On a lower level directly behind the alien and running from underneath, was a much smaller conveyor belt. On both sides of the belt, the normal size aliens were lined. Their pincers were greedily digging through a thick red and brown mixture. The belt and aliens ran as far as I could see. For a mere second, I wondered what it was they could be eating, but then it hit me. The giant alien which was being fed also had to be the food processor plant for the smaller ones. They were eating the by-products from the waste of the larger alien.

The other triangular sections of the ship perhaps hold these same beings and scenario. I had been getting sicker through my stomach throughout being on the ship. Now the sickness was more than I could stand, and I was forced awake. Awake in bed, my stomach urged me up and into to the bathroom. I was not sure if the dream had caused the upset stomach or more plausible what I had eaten had caused it and the dream.


This was not the dream I had planned on posting this evening. The one I got ready held only the editorial. My file said there was 175 kb’s in the document but only about 12 were showing. I was very frustrated not knowing how I could have deleted the text of the dream, not to mention blowing another scheduled post. I could not even find the backup I always make.

Oddly, I came across the following dream I had sworn was posted some time ago. I looked back through all my older posts but never found it. Perhaps fate had a hand or it was just a blunder after all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012; (Unconscious dreaming)

I was walking around inside my home between midnight and well before sunrise. The lights were all out, which is normal during my waking hours. I was alone and made my way down to the first floor. Usually our German Shepard Obie seeks me out when I am up. So far, I had not seen him on any floor, and he was not in his usual sleeping spot on the first floor.

I looked out one of our den windows overlooking the James River, to Norfolk. I noticed two people walking through the yard towards the back door. They were not sneaking, just looking like they had business here, and I could hear chit-chat from them. I could not tell anything about them, including their sex; all I could make out were their silhouettes. It looked as if they had come from the seawall, and as they got near the back of the house, they turned toward the gate beside the house.

They passed by the window, neither looking my way. Once they got to the gate, I sprinted to the kitchen window where I was going to get their attention as they passed. I waited only a few seconds because I knew they should already have passed by. I saw no one come and thought that they must have turned around or stopped at the gate. I crept back into the other room and looked out. They were nowhere to be found. I walked back and forth between the back-door and kitchen a few times. I came to a stop back in the den and stood there trying to listen for any outside noise. I was there only a short time when I awoke.