Tuesday, February 24, 2009; (Unconscious dream)

In this dream, I was working night shift pile driving on the foundation of a large building. After the last pile, I shut the crane and other equipment down. The morning sky was just starting to gray as I got into my truck to go home. While driving across the job, a man jumped in front of my truck, yelling stop. I hit the brakes, coming to a halt just before him. He slapped both hands on the truck’s hood and began laughing.

I blew the horn, but he stood there looking at me, still laughing. I backed the truck up and then went to drive around him, but he stepped in front of the truck again. Each time I turned to go around him, he blocks my truck. I threw the truck into park and stepped. Just so he would think I was someone of importance, I lied to him. I told him I was the Project Manager and wanted to know who he was, so I could put him off the job. He took off running.

I followed him in my truck to find out where he was going and what he was up to. The job site had some high sand piles along its perimeter. The man ran between two of the sand piles where there was a hole he jumped into. I came to a stop and got out of the truck. I walked over to the hole and was surprised at its size. The hole was no bigger than a foot wide. I wondered just how he could have gotten down in there. I was so mad I began kicking the side of one of the sand piles letting sand fill the hole. The man started choking and screaming.

I watched as he easily made his way out of the tiny hole. Once he was out, he faced me. I asked him what was his problem. He complained that I could have buried him alive. I told him that jumping out in front of moving vehicles was just as dangerous, and I wanted him off the job. He turned and ran off behind one of the sand piles. I left him alone and got back in my truck going home.