Animals, Bosses, and Buses, oh my!

This is one of three dreams I had this night. I am sure that two of these dreams coincide with each other. For one, I am trying to become more spiritual and flush out old resentments. It has not been easy due to some of those resentments have to do with being stabbed, harshly, in the back by a so called friend.

Friday, January 13, 2012; (Unconscious dreaming)

I was driving a charter bus and pulling into an empty parking lot to take on passengers later. I pulled the bus along the curb, leaving the cab a bit beyond it The bus was in two parts, the cab and the carrier. The owner of the bus showed up and did not like the way I had parked. He got into the bus and pulled it up into someones driveway in order to back up. An elderly female home owner was watching and came out when the driver had run over part of her yard.
The bus owner got out and exchanged words with the w

The bus owner got out and exchanged words with the woman, acting as though he had all rights to do whatever he pleased. While they still yelled at one another the man got back into the bus. and backed the bus down the woman’s driveway, running over the corner of a flower bed. The woman shouted, as he showed no concern. He came back down to the side of the curb I had parked by but he was unable to keep the bus straight. Time after time he backed the bus trying to place the entire bus along the curb.

The bus either ended up with the rear angled away from the curb or the front rolling up on the curb. From that point I do not recall what happened next but it was nighttime and the bus was in front of my home. I went out with a bucket and sponge in order to wash the bus. The trees along the left of my yard were gone and had been replaced by bushes. As I walked next to them I heard a loud rustling speeding through the bushes. By the sound of the commotion, it was two large dogs. I came very close to jumping in front of them to scare them. I changed my mine at the last minute and let them pass. As they ran out of the bushes just in front of me I saw a full grown male and female lion. My heart jumped in my throat as I thought how close I could have come to being torn apart, had I gone with my first plan.

I was frozen in fear but did not want to move in case I attracted their attention. Once they crossed the street, I would run back into the house. As they crossed Chesapeake Ave., two dogs were coming down the sidewalk from the east. The dogs ran for the lions and attacked. Right away the dogs knew they had taken on more than they could handle. The lions pounced but the dogs slid out from under and ran toward my yard. I dropped the bucket and ran for the front door. The lead dog which was a pit-bull saw me and knew I was running for the inside.

It too headed for my front door. As I jumped up on the porch the dog was just crossing the yard. The male lion which was behind him, passed the dog and headed toward me. I guess I made a more tempting meal. I swung the screen door open and reached for the door knob. A quick glance behind me revealed the lion leaping for the porch. I knew I would get the door open but also knew that the lion would be on top of me just as I entered. The fear was so bad that I woke up.

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