This was not the dream I had planned on posting this evening. The one I got ready held only the editorial. My file said there was 175 kb’s in the document but only about 12 were showing. I was very frustrated not knowing how I could have deleted the text of the dream, not to mention blowing another scheduled post. I could not even find the backup I always make.

Oddly, I came across the following dream I had sworn was posted some time ago. I looked back through all my older posts but never found it. Perhaps fate had a hand or it was just a blunder after all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012; (Unconscious dreaming)

I was walking around inside my home between midnight and well before sunrise. The lights were all out, which is normal during my waking hours. I was alone and made my way down to the first floor. Usually our German Shepard Obie seeks me out when I am up. So far, I had not seen him on any floor, and he was not in his usual sleeping spot on the first floor.

I looked out one of our den windows overlooking the James River, to Norfolk. I noticed two people walking through the yard towards the back door. They were not sneaking, just looking like they had business here, and I could hear chit-chat from them. I could not tell anything about them, including their sex; all I could make out were their silhouettes. It looked as if they had come from the seawall, and as they got near the back of the house, they turned toward the gate beside the house.

They passed by the window, neither looking my way. Once they got to the gate, I sprinted to the kitchen window where I was going to get their attention as they passed. I waited only a few seconds because I knew they should already have passed by. I saw no one come and thought that they must have turned around or stopped at the gate. I crept back into the other room and looked out. They were nowhere to be found. I walked back and forth between the back-door and kitchen a few times. I came to a stop back in the den and stood there trying to listen for any outside noise. I was there only a short time when I awoke.


It does not take a lot to inspire a dream. I happened to run across an old book by James Blish: “Cities in flight.” The book stuck in my mind bringing on this night’s dream. I came up with the title due to the meaning of the dream to me. Unfortunately, not knowing I was having a dream, made it difficult to stay with it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2013

I was standing in front of a thick glass window. The base of the window was about forty feet wide and tapered off to a rounded point at the top some thirty feet up. The shape reminded me of a Hershey’s kiss. On each side of the window were identical ones disappearing around a curve some distance away. Between each set of windows was an inverted window of the same design. The glass of the windows was clear and held no reflection. The only reason I knew it was there was the frame surrounding it and what I saw outside.

A city floated in space before me. It was miles away but so enormous I could make out the fine details. It orbited a gas giant which was also an indication that I was in some city or ship in space. The city was encased in a ball structure. The city looked like a major metropolis.

The base was flat and ran around the middle of the structure. The upper half had a transparent dome while the lower half held the same window configuration as the windows before me. Neither the place I was in nor the city outside spun, meaning they both must create their own gravity I decided.

I wanted to explore my environment. Still facing the windows, I glanced to the right and left. The deck or promenade I stood on was dark and smooth. The ceiling hung just above the windows, and a wall ran through the area some hundred feet parallel to the windows. Every two hundred feet or so, an archway was fixed into the wall. The area had no lights; its only illumination came from the reflection of the gas giant. I turned, heading toward one of the arches; however, when I did, I found myself turning and awaking in my bed.