To dream of clouds represents situations in your life which overshadow everything else. Noticeable or powerful distractions, delays, or disappointments. The number 3 in a dream may reflect chaos. There may be unpredictability in your life.-dreambible.com

Tuesday, April 28, 2015;Unconscious dreaming
I arrived at work sometime later in the day than my usual time. The sun shone out of a cloudless blue sky as I drove around the parking area several times but could not find an empty space. I called my boss to inform him of the problem I had while I continued to hunt for a spot. He told me I could drive over to one of our new offices at the south end of the yard and park in the driveway there. He stated that no one would be there today, and I did not have to worry about being towed.

I drove over to the building and found a small driveway in front and parked. I left my backpack in the trunk; it had been after lunch, and I would be coming back and leaving in just over three hours. Walking from the car to the office to check in took about five minutes. Within four minutes of my walk, something caught my eye to the northeast. I spotted a large cumulus cloud rising quickly in the distance. I could only see the top as one of the buildings was in the way; because of the speed at which it rose, my curiosity made me jog to get around the building.

In the clearing, I saw it was a mushroom cloud many miles away. What came to mind was a nuclear explosion, but I had not seen a flash or heard anything; however, the entire cloud was pure white. As I stood watching the cloud, people came to a stop and stared as well. Moments later, another white mushroom cloud rose a little farther north than the first one. Again, there had not been any flash or sound wave coming from either cloud, but I did begin to worry.

These clouds were not normal, and an eerie feeling began to overwhelm me. I turned and rushed back to my car. While I ran through the yard others began to panic also, even more when they saw me in a heated run. I made it to the building and turning the corner; I saw my car was gone. I rushed over to a guard shack a few yards down and asked if they had seen it. The guard informed me he had it towed because I had not had the decal for that area. I explained I had been given permission from my boss; he knew nothing about it.

I had to have my car, so there was no need to argue. I asked about its location and found to my relief, it did not go to a towing yard but a fenced in lot at the north end of the shipyard. Before I left, the guard informed me I would not be able to retrieve the car, all gates were in lock down. I could leave the yard but without the car. I left and rushed to the north end. I could do without the car if I had to, but I needed my backpack in order to make it home.

Along the way, I glanced over to where the last cloud had erupted to see yet another one blossoming up north of the second and just as white as the others. Guards were out in the streets directing workers away from the piers and to the mustering [emergency] areas. As I passed one of the guards, he shouted that I could go no farther in the yard and had to either report to my area or exit the facilities. I turned toward one of the buildings as if I were going inside. Instead, I ran around the back side and continued to the towing area; the three clouds continuing their rise into the heavens. Making it to the fence, I located the entrance. The gate had been chained locked, but I knew I could slip through.

Close by, another guard was directing people from the work areas; I ran over to him and explained I needed my car. He said that was impossible today especially with the emergency. I then asked if I could go inside to retrieve some things out of the trunk, I was denied. He ordered me to follow the crowd to our stations; I turned and rushed away. I went back to the chain locked fence, looking behind me to see the guard watching. I had no choice; I needed my supplies. I dashed under the chain and inside the lot, hearing the guard shout out after me. Once in, I ducked down hurrying between the cars hoping to stay out of sight and make it to the car before caught.

Every so often, I would have to stand and take a quick look for the car. I spotted the hoods of several white cars in different areas and headed to the closest one. I could hear the guard shouting for backup. I made it to the first white car— it was not mine. I slipped my head up again and found the next nearest one; that too was not mine. Third time was a charm and, staying on my knees, I popped the trunk. Reaching in, I pulled out my bag and tossed it on my back. I gathered some other things I may need and closed the trunk.

I could not risk being caught. I did not believe he would arrest me, but my bag may be confiscated. I made my way back toward the gate noticing a guard posted there, my only exit. I moved back among the cars and began making my way along the fence line in hopes of finding a way over or under. Somewhere along my search, I awoke.

Modern Rocketry

Wednesday night at my house is pizza and comedy night. I bring home a large veggie, with extra tomato sauce from Papa Johns, and the wife and I chill out in front of the television. We watch the comedy line up; In the Middle, The Goldberg’s, Modern Family and Blackish.

So it isn’t surprising that sometimes when my consciousness is relaying a message that some of these characters would show up. Of the four shows, I would relate to Phil Dunphy on Modern Family. For those unaware of the character; (1)Phil Dunphy sees himself as the “cool dad.” He dotes on his wife and constantly tries to find ways to bond with his kids. He has a childlike attitude, very confident and always full of new ideas.

2014/12/10 Wednesday; Unconscious dreaming
It was night time, and I found myself outside with Phil Dunphy a.k.a actor Ty Burrell on Modern Family. He was building a small orange rocket about five feet in length and one foot in diameter. We were putting the three-stage rocket together in his driveway; once it had been completed he directed me to help set it in a frame.

The frame sat in the middle of the driveway, and to each side in the grass were binders and straps. As Phil pulled one of the straps over the front of the rocket, he asked me to do the same on the rear. I cranked down on the binder until the strap was good and tight. I noticed the ground was kind of soft and said something to Phil. He told me not to worry—he did this many times before.

Afterward, I followed him into the grass far left of the driveway. In his hand Phil held a small box with a single button in the middle. He pushed the button, and the rocket fired. The thrust was incredible to the point of the rocket began to bow in the middle. I saw the rear anchor on the far side begin to pull out of the ground. I pointed this out to Phil, who began to get a worried expression on his face.

The thrust became more powerful, and the rear anchor gave way. The front was still tied down, and it flipped over, releasing itself from the frame. The two of us could see right away the rocket was on a trajectory for us.

“IN COMING!” Phil screamed.

We dropped to the ground as the rocket flew over our heads missing us by inches. As the rocket passed we rolled to our backs and sat up. The rocket shot across a road and over a field. Grazing in the field was a large stag with its back toward us. The rocket, staying level with the ground, hit the stag directly in the anus. Without stopping or slowing, it launched the stag across the field and into the woods beyond until out of sight.

“My rocket, my rocket!” Phil yelled.

He leapt up and ran from his yard out into the field in hot pursuit. I followed behind until I was across the road then stopped before entering the field. I turned and walked back toward the house. Just as I got back into the yard, I heard a loud scream of panic. I turned looking in the area of woods Phil had gone. He was now running hard and fast back home, screaming all the while.

Just as he made it to the road, I noticed a lion, twice the size of a normal one, bursting from the woods coming toward us. I turned and began to run for the house in hopes of getting inside. Only yards from the door, Phil passed me slamming into my left shoulder. Although it did not slow him down, he caused me to be knocked to the ground. I scrambled to my feet hearing the breath of the ferocious beast upon me. I had just begun my run back when I was pounced on, awaking me.

If you are new or missed any of my posts, I mentioned before that I was planning on publishing an e-book based on my dreams. The dream here is about the problem I’m running into, mainly the layout of the e-book. The following breakdown of the dream is mostly copy & paste from; dreammoods.com, plus a little editing.

Having a dream that takes place at night represents some obstacles in achieving your goals. You are being faced with an issue that is not so clear cut.

An actor represents your pursuit for pleasure. Consider also who this actor is and what characteristics you associate with him.

The rocket indicates that your plans or ideas will soon be taking off in a big way. You are experiencing a higher level of awareness. All your hard work is paying off.

Orange denotes hope, friendliness, courtesy, generosity, liveliness, sociability, and an out-going nature.

To dream that you are tying something represents your network and connection to others.

Depending on the context of your dream, the stag could mean grace, agility, regeneration and growth.
Seeing only the tail of an animal in your dream signifies annoyances and complications in a situation where pleasure was expected.

A lion symbolizes great strength, courage, aggression and power. You will overcome your difficulties.

(1) Wikipedia, Phil Dunphy

Current Lucidity

If you are carried away by a tidal wave, then it means you are ready to make a brand new start in a new place.” Dreammoods.com

Monday, March 11, 1996; (Lucid dreaming)

My wife and I, along with two of our sons and their half-brother, were playing along the seawall in our back yard. From hours of playing we became tired and sat on the neighbor’s seawall next door. We watched waves splashing against the wall. After some time, we noticed that the waves began to grow larger.

I thought it might be best to get to the house as the waves were cresting the top of the wall. We all stood and were suddenly shocked by the sight of a ten-foot wave that was coming at us. I yelled for everyone to run to the house. My wife and sons started to run, but their half-brother stayed on the wall. I stepped over, grabbing him up into my arms. I ran through the neighbor’s yard alongside his house. I glanced back to see the wave only a couple of yards behind us.

As I came up on the left side of his house, I looked to my backyard. From the left of my yard crashing down toward me, came a wave twenty feet in height. The two waves clashed together, swooping me and the boy up, then began receding back into the river carrying the two of us. Just as we were nearing the seawall, I grabbed the bush next to it and held on. The water rushed over us fast and hard. Although my grip on the boy was secure, I felt my hand slipping on the bush. Thoughts of where my wife and sons were filled my head, but I seemed strangely calm.

I should have been racked in fear but then lucidity came to me, and I knew I was dreaming. My hand held tight to the bush now, and I felt the pressure of the water rushing by. In all my water dreams, the more treacherous the water, the more fun I have. Even in non-lucid dreams, waves many stories high never cause any harm. I sucked the water in my lungs knowing I had nothing to fear. My body rocked with the currents, and I soon awoke.

Let me break it down for you.

My unconscious dreams usually hold some meaning such as an answer or an awareness I have overlooked; in this dream it’s the second. It takes me some time to decipher the answer because I break the dream down. When going through my dreams I factor in people, places and things. Numbers are important also because they represent so much. If something has an odd or overwhelming color, that is a clue to checking the color’s meaning.

One person I talked with only looked up what she thought was the most important parts of her dreams. One dream she had mentioned brought a negative outcome about her personality. She left out the numbers of objects and their unusual colors she had seen. After I broke it down further for her, the meaning gave a more positive outlook.

I have broken my dreams down for you before in posts, but I would like to give you an example of how I dissect them. Give it a try, but if what you are doing now works for you, stick with it!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013, (unconscious dream)

I stepped out onto my front porch taking in the surrounding weather. It was a beautiful day sometime in the spring or summer. It was morning time due to the sun being a few degrees from the horizon in the east. I walked down into the yard around to the east side of my home. Coming around the corner, I noticed two crows made a nest on the ground. Between the two huddled two nestling’s.

As I came upon the birds, startling them, the parent crows flew off while the nestling’s hopped from the nest. With each bound the nestling’s flapped their little wings frantically trying to fly. I was upset that I had startled them and tried my best to corral them back to the nest. The birds found the way under the bushes along my house. I left them alone in hopes that once I was gone, they would settle back in their nest.

Proceeding to walk back to the front of the house, I glanced down and noticed a movement in the nest. One side of the nest was covered in fur. I reached into the nest and stroked the furry surface. The fur quivered violently. I snatched my hand back and took a better look at what I had just touched. Instead of running, the animal, which turned out to be a small raccoon, curled up tightly inside of a hole it had borrowed into the side of the nest. We had been having a problem with one or two raccoons in the house, to the extent of bringing in an exterminator.

This must be where it or they were going when they wanted to hide,” I guessed. For some unknown reason I stood and walked back into the house ending the dream.

In the morning when I had time, I jotted the dream down and quickly looked up the meaning behind raccoon. I then posted it to my twitter account. Later when I had a chance to look up the meanings, it seemed raccoon did not make sense. Thievery, secrets and deceit were what I was looking at. This was not in my character nor anyone I would associate myself with.

I never did see the raccoon’s face so perhaps I was wrong. Seeing raccoons in the yard may have made me think of them; however, we had had a problem with a rat and had called an exterminator. So I went with the rat and found it better suited the meanings.

I start from the beginning of the dream and run the course. Each of the following symbols holds multiple meanings. Instead of filling up pages of quoted text, I picked out what best describes me, and the events in the dream, discarding things not associated.

Crow; The crow may be conveying a message from your subconscious. For more clues, pay attention to what the animal was doing or any particular characteristic that stood out. –Dreammoods.com  (When the crows felt threatened, they fled the nest/their home.)

I looked up the number four because there had been four crows but only one of everything else. Four; Order or organization in your life—perhaps you have it, or you could use more of it. –The Curious Dreamer

Four; Also the four elements (earth, wind, fire and water). –Dreammoods.com

Nest; To see a nest in your dream signifies comfort, safety, protection.-Dreammoods.com

Rat; Resourcefulness, easily adaptable, or a survivalist. For those of you who do not know me personally, I am a prepper (I don’t have any underground bunkers or a stash of weapons but, I am prepared for most emergencies).

For more clues, pay attention to what the animal was doing or any particular characteristic that stood out.- The Curious Dreamer

While others where fleeing, the rat was “hunkering down” in its nest/home. I had touched the rat, running my finger across its soft fur. Because of that sensation of touch, I looked up fur.

Pelt or fur; Protection from or fear of an undesirable social experiences or harsh environment.

A need to feel powerful over one’s environment. Primitive attempt at self-preservation. This explains my prepper personality.

The message (crows); my subconscious is trying to tell me something. There could be a few things here; 1) A couple of days before the dream, a water main broke down the street. Through the night time, bitter cold and rain, our city crew had the pipe dug up and replaced in just a few hours. As a prepper, my home (nest) is the first line of defense should any type of emergency arise. My subconscious may have been telling me to check my Pantry. This would be my family’s life line should we have to hunker down (rat) during some emergency.

Upon my inspection, I found we were low in one item, water (four). I was slacking up and needed to be more organized (four). Unconsciously, my mind knew where I needed improvement.

2) This may leave some rolling their eyes, but stranger things have come about from my dreams. Just suppose like animals that flee right before a natural disaster, our minds pick up on the same experience.

Crows; conveying a message from the subconscious (the dream).

As I approached (a threat), the crows flee their home.

The Rat (me), in the same area as the crows stays in his nest/home.

Myself (the threat) touches the rats pelt (Protection from undesirable social experiences or harsh environment. Primitive attempt at self-preservation). Afterward I left, leaving the Rat unharmed because he stayed safe in his home.

Then there is option;

3) The water, may be a coincidence. The warning that some catastrophe may be near, a figment of my imagination and the entire dream, just a dream. I leave it up to you, the reader.