Month: March 2012

Jon’s Ride

would usually start out by apologizing for missing a Saturday night
deadline due to work; however, I have a lot to be thankful for including
my job. Just over a year ago I landed this job after several years of
jobs that were pure nightmares.

Even then I tried not to complain
because they were jobs and not an unemployment line like so many others
have  been and are experiencing. So, instead of an apology I would like
to thank those of you who subscribed to my site and those that join each
day. I never thought it would blossom into something this big and into a
hobby that, like my job, has bought me such pleasure.  

Friday, March 23, 2012
dreamed that Jonathan, my oldest son, had moved back home. We had gone
out one day to find him a car. We came across a mechanic who had a few
cars for sale. The cars seemed to be in two types, good condition with
bad engines and good engines and very bad body conditions. We were
looking at two vehicles, an old AMC Javelin whose body was in great
condition and a small four wheel drive Ford Ranger truck with a bad body
but the engine and transmission in great shape; both prices were really

“We could always buy both and make one good car.” Jonathan jokingly said.

about it as we stood there, I  decided that  would make a pretty cool
looking car. Just then the mechanic came up to us.

“For the right price I could do just that,” he said. “I’ve thought about it myself but have not had the time.”

The idea was good but I knew the labor price would be more then I wanted to pay.

“Well, think about it,” he added and went back to his garage.

and I talked about the Javelin and  decided to start it up. It smoked a
great deal and I knew by the sound of the engine that it would not last
long. Jonathan talked me into taking it out on a test drive. We took
the car out on the road just around the block to see how it drove. I was
embarrassed by the amount of smoke coming from the tail pipe knowing
the people behind us must be upset because it was a thick smelly smoke.

Coming back to the shop, it dawned on me that I had not informed the
mechanic I was taking the car for a test drive. I was hoping he had not
called the police, thinking we had stolen the car. As we pulled into the
lot and got out he came up to me and asked how I liked the car. I was
in love with the body but knew I would be dealing with an engine problem
shortly down the road. I still had the image of the Javelin’s body
sitting on top of the four by four frame of the Ford Ranger.

While Jonathan wandered around and explored the other cars on the lot, the mechanic asked,
“Does your son have a job?”

“No,” I answered, “but  I’m not sure if he is into car repair.”

“I am only looking for someone temporally to help catch up on some
work. If you’re interested in buying and combining the two vehicles,
Jonathan could work off some of the labor charges by his help. That
could even lower the cost by working on it himself on his off hours.”

liked the idea but we still need to talk price,” I told him.

I watched
Jonathan as he had walked about the lot, he reminded me of myself  as an
adolescent . I thought that it could be a great father and son project.
I told the man I would like to make arrangements to purchase and
combine the two cars. I followed him into his office that doubled for
his home.

As I followed the man just inside his office, I noticed that I
had not ever looked at him while talking. All my attention had been on
Jonathan and the cars. I looked at the back of him but could not make
out any details from his shoulders up. I did however notice colorful
tattoos around both his arms from his wrist up to the short sleeves of
his shirt.

Abandonment, 45 Years Later

I first posted this dream I had not placed the date of the dream. I
then post it again with the wrong date. So I posted yet again a third
time without a date. Last night I had the correct date but did not
realize until today I somehow completely wiped it out. So if you are
receiving this yet again, I do apologize.

March 4, 2012

Dream started while I was sitting in my car staring at a small house
I had bought. I am not sure why I had bought it because I knew I was
not moving into the house. The house was small, somewhere around
1,200 to 1,500 square feet. It sat on a cinder block foundation
raising it about a foot and a half from the ground. I was thinking
about how easy it would be to move the house if I had to. The
previous owners had moved out, leaving several lights on as they left
and I was there to turn off the electricity.

knew I must have been there before, but what bothered me was I could
not recall when. The house was familiar but somehow not like I should
be recalling it. My wife sat next to me in the car and I asked if she
wanted to go in with me. She declined, stating that she would wait in
the car. I knew she did not like the house and she had not even
wanted to come this far with me. I told her I would be right back and
stepped out of the car.

design of the house looked to be close to a hundred years old but the
house itself could have been no more then about thirty to forty years
old; it was worn but not shabby. The yard was small with a couple of
trees that sat between the house and a small back road. The sun had
just gone down and the light from it still shone over the trees that
were on the other side of the road.

area the house was on seemed vacant and lonely. I could not see any
other homes along the road and wanted to get in the house and back
out before all the light of the sun was gone. The feeling that I had
been here before was strong but I could not remember when. I turned
back toward the road; it was quiet and the sun was far down behind
the trees. Only a dim glow shone through the cloudless sky.

turned back and headed to the house, walking up onto the porch. I
found the door unlocked and swung it open without going inside. Just
inside was a small living room with only a small couch along the wall
in front of me, and to the left wall, a chair. Next to the chair was
a simple end table with a lamp.

The lamp was still on, from the
previous owners. Through the living room I could see the kitchen.
Along the the left side of the kitchen wall was a small dining table
with an overhead hanging light which had been left on also. To the
right I could see ta light, possibly from a ceiling fixture that had
been left on.

design of the interior seemed very familiar and before I could look
to the right I already knew there was a short hallway with a door or
two. I turned to see the hallway and my guess was it led to the
bedrooms. I stepped through the door to enter the living room. The
house had been vacated but I had a sense that someone was there. As I
moved through the room I had the sensation of entering into a depth,
as in a tunnel or cave; anxiety crept over me.

wanted to find the fuse panel; I could then shut the power off and
get back outside. As with the living room, items had been left in the
small kitchen as well. The kitchen table was surrounded by four
chairs that had been left behind along with a broom leaning against
the corner of one wall. Most of the place looked as though the
occupants had left, carrying only their clothes and items that could
be taken by hand.

to the right of the kitchen was a recessed wall that held the fuse
box. I walked over and opened it up. There were only three breakers
in the box counting the main breaker. I stopped just before I threw
off the main breaker, I do not know if I heard something but suddenly
I felt again that I was not alone in the house. I listened but heard
nothing. I flipped the main breaker and only the ceiling light went
out but the light over the table stayed on. I glanced in the living
room, the lamp also was on.

turned back to the breaker box only to swing back around because I
thought someone had come up behind me. I looked around but saw and
heard nothing. I reached for the breaker just under the main breaker,
flipping it off, and the light over the table went out. I reached for
the next breaker in line and my hand stopped. There was only one more
breaker; how odd,  I thought, that there were only three
breakers in the box and three lights on in the house. The feeling of
someone or something  nearby overwhelmed me.

my fingers on the last breaker I thought to myself, “Do I really
want to walk back through the house in the dark?” I looked
around, trying to convince myself that no one else was in the house
and I would be fine finding my way back to the front door. I wanted
to flip the breaker but the fear of being in this house in the dark
was too overwhelming. I stood there only a short time before I

had just begun writing down the dream when it hit me— I recalled
the house. It was the same house that I had dreamed about some 45
years ago in my post, Abandonment. It was at a time before all the
furnishings had been removed. I do not recall in this dream the small
shed that was on the property of the first dream, but in this newest
dream I had been on the opposite side of the house than I had in the
first. I do believe the two dreams have a connection, I just have to
figure what it is.

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This Place and Time

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

this dream I recall a bright and sunny day. I was at a home with
several others— who they were  was uncertain—but the home owner was
having a cookout. I remember being outside chatting with the others
about  how beautiful the day was. It was the first time I had been to
the house although I knew the owners well. I went inside to check out
the place. I do not recall if I had entered the kitchen first or this
was just the only part of the house I remember.

The kitchen was brightly
lit from the sun through a window and the kitchen, despite  all the
prep work for the cookout, was clean and well-organized. A kitchen
island was in its center where most of the food had been laid out. To my
right a door that led to the outside was open and an entrance on my
left led to the interior of the house.

While I stood on the opposite
side of the island talking with the woman home owner, a sense of deja vu
overwhelmed me. The woman asked if I was OK, I explained to her that I
had dreamed of this Place and time and that in the dream I was
explaining to her that I had dreamed of this place and time.


This is a short one and nowhere near as interesting as most I publish. For the past few weeks work has been from sun up to sun down and 7 days a week.

Friday, February 17, 2012; (Unconscious dreaming)
I was operating a crawler crane out in an empty lot. The lot was surrounded by buildings and my guess is I was helping to erect a new building on the spot of one recently demolished. While operating the
crane, I cut my index finger. How, I do not recall, but the cut was on the tip and in the shape of an “X”.

I ran another finger across it and found a tiny sliver of metal in the middle, but when I looked at the
finger I could not see anything in the cut. I had a magnifying glass next to me and looked through it at the cut where I could barely make out the tip of a tiny metal splinter. I had no way to get it out and
each time I flexed my finger, pain shot through my hand.

Unable to deal with the pain any longer, I went to a first aid center. I told the nurse who was helping me that it could not be seen without a magnifying glass. She took the finger in her hands and squeezed the tip, causing the tiny metal splinter to pop out. The nurse got up without a word and left. Looking down on the white counter top, I could just make out the tiniest sliver of metal lying there. I was thinking the nurse had gone to get some bandages so I waited until I awoke.

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